Comparison of Integrated and Task-based Teaching Method in a Rural Middle School毕业论文_英语毕业论文

Comparison of Integrated and Task-based Teaching Method in a Rural Middle School毕业论文


摘 要

在英语阅读教学法中,整体教学法,任务型教学法运用的较多。整体阅读法是一种以“整体教学”为工具的,利用其教学内容间的相似性,控制教学内容, 把握教学进度,完成教学目标的教学方法,它强调语篇、整体、内容、意义,以老师讲课为主,学生主动性不高。任务型教学法以组织教学,学生以参与、体验、交流、合作的学习方式,充分发挥学习者自身的认知能力,在“干”中学,“用” 中学。这种教学方法对学生的要求更高些,有利于学生阅读能力的提高,但是阅读中的语法等知识学生掌握不牢固。

本研究从这两种教学法的教学过程、教师扮演的角色以及教学策略进行对比,发现其在这 3 方面的差异,在然后在文林中学的 1 班和 2 班各用一种教学法进行上课试验,经过阅读测试、问卷调查以及面试等方法,收集学生的成绩,统计并分析数据,并得出了任务型教学法对农村学生最受益。



  1. Introduction 1
    1. Background information 1
    2. Research problems 2
    3. Research purpose 3
    4. Significance of research 3
  2. Demonstration 4
    1. The Integrated Teaching Method 4
      1. Teaching process of the Integrated Teaching Method 4
      2. Teacher’s roles in the class 5
      3. Teaching strategies of the Integrated Teaching Method 5
    2. The Task-Based Teaching Method 6
      1. Teaching process of the Task-Based Language Teaching Method 6
      2. Teacher’s roles in the class 6
      3. Teaching strategies of the Task-Based Language Teaching Method 7
    3. Comparison of integrated and task-based teaching methods 7
      1. Advantages of the two teaching method’s processes and strategies 7
      2. Disadvantages of the two teaching methods’ processes and strategies 8
    4. Research Design 8
      1. Research questions 8
      2. Research tools 9
      3. Research subjects 9
    5. Research Methodology 9
    6. Data collection and analysis 9

2.6.1 Collection and analysis of the pre-test and post-test scores of class 1 10

2.7 Reflection 13

3.Conclusion 13

Works Cited 15

Bibliography 16

Questionnaire 18

Comparison of Integrated and Task-based Teaching Methods in a Rural Middle School


The present era is the information age, and reading is the first choice to get information. Student’s reading ability is directly relevant to whether they have the ability to acquire information in English in the future. In the school days, reading is regarded as the important component of language teaching. Its purpose is to improve students’ reading ability and develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

In rural middle school, students’ reading capacity puzzles teachers. Thus, discovering an effective teaching method to improve their reading ability is the important and urgent thing. In accordance with the feedback, the Integrated Teaching Method and the Task-based Teaching Method are the two ways used more widespread than any other ways. This thesis gives priority to the experiment and data analysis to deduce which teaching method is more suitable for rural middle school students.

    1. The background information

With the rapid development of the information age and the increasingly frequent international exchanges, English has become an international common language. At the same time, English is the language the main used on the Internet. Therefore, in today’s knowledge economy era, more and more countries are beginning to continue to strengthen and reform the basic education stage of English teaching. Since the reform and opening up in the 1980s, our country in the basic education stage of English teaching has been significantly improved, but also achieved very obvious results. However, the statistics of the Ministry of Education and the National Basic Foreign Language Education Research Center have represented statistics that at present our country in junior high school English education still exists many problems.

For example, in our reading class has been used “bottom-up” traditional reading teaching, teachers used to break through the article to teach, focusing only in the grammar and knowledge points, the result is that students only pay attention to grammar and language points and other parts of the content. They do not see the overall structure of reading articles. This teaching method is difficult to cultivate students the understanding of reading articles and the ability to extract information, but also to allow students to produce fear of reading. When students read a longer article, the article more words to read the article to retreat, and thus more difficult improve the ability of students to use their own language.

The Integrated Teaching Method and the Task-based Teaching Method are the two more widely used pedagogy. “The overall reading” as a fast reading of a training method is named by the former Soviet Union fast reading expert O Kuzhnetzuo and others. (Carrel 1988) This teaching mode focuses on the whole of the article, clarifying the interrelationships, grasping the articles from the macro, and grasping the articles The essence of the article, absorbing the essence of the article. Whether it is the perception of the material, understanding or overall grasp, can not leave the whole material. The overall reading teaching model can cultivate students ‘good reading habits and develop students’ sound cognitive structure. The Task – based language teaching is a kind of language teaching method emphasizing “doing in the learning”. (Jiang 2010) The teaching method began in the 1980s, and the British Indian linguist Prabhu carried out a Bangalore Project in Bangalore, southern India. He pointed out many task types, and the learning content was designed into a variety of communication tasks, lest students through the completion of the task to learn.

Therefore, this article would like to use the experimental form to explore the two methods of reading which are more suitable for rural secondary school students.

    1. Research problems

According to the research, students in the rural middle schools’ English foundation are weaker than students in the city schools. During the reading, they

cannot make excessive demands on their vocabulary and grammar. Most of the students have no reading methods and efficiency. They are at a loss when they find strange vocabulary and longer sentences. As for teachers, class time is limited and they must finish the task of teaching. Hence students have not enough chances to practice reading comprehension in class, instead of doing some basic language knowledge. For students, doing reading comprehension has to read long articles, of which there are many vocabularies they don’t know. And the teaching class is quite boring and difficult, just reading, answering the questions, no break. So they lose interest in reading. A large segment of the English articles is too difficult for the students, they don’t have the equally reading ability. More and more students hate the reading class and doing reading comprehension. A few students give up the reading scores in the text. So students’ scores cannot improve. It’s a vicious circle.

    1. Research purpose

This thesis is about the comparison of the two teaching methods, which is more suitable for students in rural middle schools. And thesis takes Wen Lin Middle School as an example, due to this school is a typical rural middle school. We take questionnaire-teaching-testing-questionnaire-collecting data-analysis procedures to complete the research. Subsequently we deduce that which method is more suitable for students in rural schools.

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