An Analysis of Space Narration in A Thousand Splendid Suns毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of Space Narration in A Thousand Splendid Suns毕业论文


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1. Introduction ———————————————————————————- 1

2. Demonstration ——————————————————————————- 2

2.1. Physical Space—————————————————————————– 2

2.1.1. Crude shed isolated from outside—————————————————– 3

2.1.2. Unfamiliar home pushed out by others———————————————–4

2.1.3. Messy house full of husband’s violence——————————————— 7

2.2. Psychological Space ———————————————————————-8

2.2.1. Simplicity in childhood—————————————————————–9

2.2.2. Depression in household ————————————————————–10

2.2.3. Relief in the free period—————————————————————-11

2.3.Gender Space——————————————————————————-12

2.3.1.The invisible women in public sphere————————————————13

2.3.2. Women’s private sphere————————————————————— 14

  1. Conclusion ———————————————————————————-14

Works Cited———————————————————————————— 16

Bibliography ———————————————————————————–18

An Analysis of Space Narration in A Thousand Splendid Suns

  1. Introduction

Khaled Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1965. His first novel, The Kite runner, made him become the biggest black horse in American Literary World in recent years, and the global sales of this book is more than six million. And his second novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns, had received considerable attention before it was published. The book was launched in the United States in 2007 years and won high praise among people. The mainstream media in the country have issued book reviews on this, arguing that it is a popular novel book on bravery, honor and tolerance.

The title was taken from the lyric poem ‘Kabul’ by the Persian poet Saib: “People cannot count how many bright moons are on her roof, I cannot count the thousand brilliant suns behind her wall”(Li Wan Yue 70). Khaled Hosseini praised beautiful Kabul women and pointed out that those women are just like thousands of suns which shine brightly in Kabul, because the sunshine can warm and encourage people to go ahead.

A Thousand Splendid Suns tells a story about two Afghan women’s miserable life under the pressure of war, poverty and domestic violence. Khaled Hosseini told a touching story by presenting readers with different places in the novel. The variation of space promotes the development of the plot, affects the social relations, ideological concepts, behaviors of the characters, and plays a decisive role in the narrative of the novel. In the traditional study of novel narration, people tend to pay much enthusiasm to the time narration rather than to the space narration. In fact, all the studies of narratology included the time dimension and the space dimension at the same time. Afghan American writer Hosseini gave the full attention on the spatial storytelling in A Thousand Splendid Suns.

As the classical fiction of space narration, there are quite a few researches on it. Someone studied on it from the perspective of new historicism, such as Zhang Ling (2013) pointed out that Hosseini combined with his own experience of nearly 30 years in Afghan, interpreted the main characters’ growth and the development of self-awareness. Someone interpreted this novel from the perspective of feminism, such as Li Wan Yue (2013) considered that Hossenini did not follow the traditional mode of writing, instead, he described the true lives of Afghan in objective and realistic way.

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