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关键词: 露西.莫德.蒙哥马利 ;《绿山墙的安妮》 ;真 ;善 ;美



1. Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1

2. Demonstration -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2

2.1 Beauty of Nature------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2

2.1.1 Natural Landscape-------------------------------------------------------------2

2.1.2 Idyllic Scenery of Artificial Nature------------------------------------------------------------5

2.2 Beauty of Humanity--------------------------------------------------------------------------------7

2.2.1 Charm of Anne------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7


2.2.2 Innocence of the Island People ----------------------------------------------------------------10

2.3 Beauty of Society-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------11

2.3.1 Openness in Education Administration-------------------------------------------------------11

2.3.2 Faith in Religious Belief -----------------------------------------------------------------------12

3. Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14

Works Cited--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16

Bibliography -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17


The Beauty of Anne Of Green Gables

1. Introduction

Lucy Maud Montgomery was a shining pearl in the Canadian literary world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She was born in a small village on Prince Edward Island. When Montgomery was young, She lived in an old-fashioned manor house on Prince Edward Island, where the scenery was beautiful. Her work Anne of Green Gables is a classic in children's literature and is hailed as "the sweetest teenage growth story in the world. "Her image of Anne also left a deep impression on readers. Montgomery's works illuminate an era and become a beacon of the people's hearts in the era. She is therefore world-renowned.

The novel tells about the unmarried siblings Matthew and Marilla staying in a house with a green gable on the beautiful Prince Edward Island. As the year goes by, they are ready to go to an orphanage to adopt a boy. In the future, they will take care of the work on the farm for them. However, the orphanage sent a girl with red hair, freckles, and chatter. After a day together, Matthew and Marilla decided to leave the girl. She was smart and diligent, and soon she appeared at the school and won a scholarship to go to college. However, she know that when Matthew suddenly died and the Green Gables farm faced difficulty. She resolutely gave up to go to Queen's College in the distance. Anne takes care of the frail Mariala , at the same time ,she works as a teacher in the vicinity . According to Montgomery's writing, Prince Edward Island has beautiful and charming natural scenery, picturesque pastoral scenery, and the harmonious coexistence between man and man , man and nature has become the pure land of every reader. Every character in the novel is good, helpful, and harmonious. The natural beauty and the beauty of humanity revealed in their hearts have become a lofty realm that readers yearn for.

At present, most of the domestic and foreign researches on Anne of Green Gables focus on religious, educational, and feminist ideology. Foreign studies of the text Anne of Green Gables mainly include the following perspectives: 1. From the perspective of feminism, there are: The whole of moon: L. M Montgomery's Anne of Green cable series by KLPOE. 2. From the cross-cultural perspective of research: Yoshiko Akamatsu mainly studied the phenomenon of Anne's mouth hot. 3. From the perspective of religion, Mary Rubio’s L. M Montgomery: Scottish Presbyterian Agency in Canadian Culture. The article The Writing Skills of Anne of Green Gables by Li Chunmei of Hebei Normal University in China analyzes the text from the perspective of writing skills. There are also some works that are researched

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