A Critical Study of Female Consciousness of Tess and Cuicui毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Critical Study of Female Consciousness of Tess and Cuicui毕业论文


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《德伯家的苔丝》作为托马斯·哈代的一部长篇小说作品,通过苔丝的悲剧人物形象展现 了一场人间悲剧。故事的背景和主题与沈从文的《边城 》有很多相似之处。苔丝与翠翠的悲剧命运都反映了作者对现实社会的不满以及女性独立意识。分别从两位女主人公的独立意识与对父权社会的反抗,将两部小说做出对比,从苔丝与翠翠的勇敢坚强的性格与反叛意识以及两位女主人公在父权压迫下的不同选择等方面挖掘其深层次的思想意识。本文旨在通过苔 丝与翠翠这两个人物形象的爱情悲剧,以旧社会对女性的压迫与对父权的反抗为框架,发掘分析两部作品中的独立意识及对父权社会的反抗。近年来,随着女权的提倡与女性独立意识的 兴起,为文学批评提供了新的角度与观念。本文通过从女主公的独立意识与对父权社会反抗 的思想角度对两部作品的分析,运用对比分析的方法,帮助读者意识到尊重女性的重要和对男权主义思想的反思。



Tess of the D’Urbervilles, as a novel by Thomas Hardy, shows a human tragedy through the tragic characters of Tess. There are many similarities between the background and theme of the story and Shen Congwen’s Border Town. The tragic fate of Tess and Cuicui reflects the author’s discontent with the real society and the consciousness of women’s independence. From the two heroines’independent consciousness and resistance to patriarchal society, this paper makes a comparison between the two novels, and excavates their deep ideological consciousness from Tess and Cuicui’s brave and strong character and rebellious consciousness, as well as the two heroines’ different choices under patriarchal oppression. Through the love tragedy of the two characters Tess and Cuicui, this paper aims to explore and analyze the independent consciousness and the resistance to patriarchal society in the two works within the framework of the oppression of women and the resistance to patriarchal society in the old society. In recent years, with the advocacy of women’s rights and the rise of women’s independent consciousness, new perspectives and concepts have been provided for literary criticism. Through the analysis of the two works from the perspective of the heroine’s independent consciousness and the resistance to patriarchal society, this paper uses the method of comparative analysis to help readers realize the importance of respecting women and reflect on patriarchal ideology.

Key words: Thomas Hardy; Tess of the D’Urbervilles; Shen Congwen; Border Town; Awakening of Female Consciousness; Patriarchal Society


  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 4
    1. Theoretical Framework 4
      1. A Brief Introduction to Female Consciousness 4
      2. Two Writers’s Female Consciousness 5
    2. The Similarities between Tess and Cuicui from the Perspective of Female Consciousness 6
      1. Resistance to the Patriarchal Society 6
      2. Pursuit and Defense for Love 8
    3. The Difference between Tess and Cuicui from the Perspective of Female Consciousness 9
      1. Different Choices of Heroine under Patriarchal Oppression 9
      2. Female Consciousness of Tess and Cuicui Reflected by Different Male Character 10
  3. Conclusion 12

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A Critical Study of Female Consciousness of Tess and Cuicui


Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) is a famous British novelist and he was born in England. After becoming famous, Hardy lives in and out of the upper class and often lives in continental Europe, but he still spends most of his life in his hometown. Most of his novels are set in his village and town. Hardy’s last two works, Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Jude the obscure, are strongly criticized by critics, so that Hardy is very tired of these criticisms that he gives up his novel creation and turns to poetry. Tess of the D’Urbervilles mercilessly exposes the hypocritical ethics of bourgeois society and strongly condemned capitalism. As early as 1958, Jude the Obscure, one of Thomas Hardy’s representative works, appeared in China (translated by Zhang Guruo, Chinese People’s Publishing House). Shen Congwen (1902-1988) is a Chinese novelist with advanced ideas. Because of his experience, most of his novels are related to water. Such “pastoral novels” as Border Town, against the background of human feelings, nature and customs in Xiangxi, aim to show simple human nature and life modality. There are also people in the fate of the variables in the face of helplessness and helpless sadness. Shen Congwen’s Border Town with its unique simple, plain style to describe the human state of the countryside, has been loved by the Chinese people. In recent years, many domestic literary critics have begun to analyze the heroine Cuicui in Border Town from the perspective of female consciousness awakening.

In 2004, Tian Jiangli’s “Tess’s Image Analysis in Tess of the D’Urbervilles” in Literary Observation analyzes the causes of Tess’s tragedy from the feminist point of view. From the perspective of feminism, the literary style of evaluating works is gradually increasing, and it is becoming more and more mature. Then, in “Analysis of Hardy’s portrayal of Tess through Christian Feminism” in 2013, Faezeh starts with the sin and redemption of Christian feminism. This paper analyzes Thomas Hardy’s portrayal of the heroine Tess in Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Starting with Christian feminism. Faezeh expresses Hardy’s intention to portray Tess as a character and expresses Hardy’s awakening of feminism through Tess. Feminism in this article includes the awakening of female consciousness. So this article provides

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