An Investigation into Multimodal Metaphor in English Advertisement--A Case Study of Perfume Advertisements毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Investigation into Multimodal Metaphor in English Advertisement–A Case Study of Perfume Advertisements毕业论文


摘 要

多模隐喻突破了纯语言模式的局限,与图像、声音等其他模式相结合,丰富了源场的表达方式,更生动地呈现了目标域。本文从多模态隐喻理论出发,分析了Chanel No.5 perfume,Chanel Gabrielle perfume和Dior J’adore广告中隐喻的运用。同时本文将从文本、视频、音乐三个维度分析隐喻对广告的影响,通过分析隐喻在香水广告中的运用,论证隐喻在提高广告效果、广告创意和广告趣味性方面的重要作用。最重要的目的是让观众从更多的角度欣赏广告,了解广告的真实意图,并主动购买产品。此外,本文可让商家在拍摄广告时注意到隐喻的重要性并恰当地予以使用,使广告更具商业性和吸引力。



Abstract 2

1. Introduction 3

2. Demonstration 4

2.1 Theoretical basis 4

2.2 Metaphor in words 6

2.2.1 Analysis of Chanel No.5 6

2.2.2 The influence 7

2.3 Metaphor in videos 8

2.3.1 Analysis of Chanel Gabrielle 8

2.3.2 The influence 10

2.4 Metaphor in music 11

2.4.1 Analysis of Dior J’adore 11

2.4.2 The influence 11

2.5 Implications 12

3. Conclusion 13

Work cited ————————————————————————————14

Bibliography ————————————————————————————15

Lists of Tables and Figures

Figure 1 Veil 12

Figure 2 Darkness 12

Figure 3 Tearing and Struggling 13

Figure 4 Sparks and Puddles 13

Figure 5 High Wall 14

Figure 6 Sun 15

Analysis of Multimodal Metaphor in Advertisement—Take Perfume Advertisement as an Example

1. Introduction

Based on the competition of the market economy, there is a need for marketing communication to be effective in order to retain existing customers and attract the new ones. Advertising is one of the most popular modes of marketing communication, which has to find ways to grab and persuade customers among the enormous number of advertisements. Therefore, creativity becomes crucially important.

Using metaphors not only makes consumers understand the deep meaning of the advertisement but also has become a possible technique to make an advertisement creative. Multimodal refers to images, charts and other composite discourse, or any text in which more than one symbol encodes the meaning. Compared with single-mode advertising, multimodal advertising is more intuitive and vivid, and its target audience is more likely to resonate, so as to realize its advertising appeal quickly and effectively. Compared with conventional metaphor, multimodal metaphor can increase aesthetic pleasure or strengthen emotional effect, which makes advertising discourse more ingenious to realize its cognitive emotional appeal.

Forceville(1996, 2009) is a master of the study of multimodal metaphor theory and practice and he distinguishes single-modal metaphor from multimodal metaphor. The former refers to the metaphor in which the source domain and the target domain is represented in one mode, while the latter refers to the metaphor in which the source domain and target domain is presented in different modes. In recent years, many researches on multimodal metaphors have been done home and abroad, which mainly focus on public service advertising and shoe advertising. However, there are few studies on multimodal metaphors in perfume advertisements.

This paper mainly analyzes the use of multimodal metaphors in perfume advertisements. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part will introduce the research background of the paper. Advertising is an important marketing tool in our life. Then, a literature review is made to analyze Forceville’s (1996, 2009) research on multimodal metaphor and the study of multimodal metaphors in TV advertisements by Cai (2013) and others. At the same time, we point out their shortcomings in the research of perfume advertisements and start the research of them. The second part is to analyze metaphors in Chanel No.5, Chanel Gabrielle, Dior J’adore from three aspects of word, video and music, respectively. And elaborate the economic benefits and social impact of multimodal advertising. Finally, through the analysis and elaboration of three kinds of advertisements, the inspiration is brought. The third part is the general conclusion which outlines the core content of the paper. It summarizes the role of multimodal metaphor in advertising. And compared with the current methods used in domestic advertising, further sublimation of the use of multimodal metaphor in advertising will attract consumers to buy.

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