A Case Study on the Influence of Jiangsu Dialects of Mandarine on English Pronunciation毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Case Study on the Influence of Jiangsu Dialects of Mandarine on English Pronunciation毕业论文


摘 要

方言是由数百种不同的地方语言演变而来的,尤其是在多山的东南部。以江苏方言为例,它由江淮方言,吴方言和江北方言构成。本研究为个案研究,邀请 3 名英语专业四年级学生完成,通过访谈收集数据,探讨各地方言对英语发音的影响。研究结果表明:(1)近年来奇特且流利的“方言式英语”在国内外学生的交流过程中越来越常见;(2)江苏方言对英语发音的负面影响越来越明显;(3) 不同方言区的方言,对英语语音语调的影响也不同。




  1. Introduction 1
  2. Literature Review 3
    1. Studies abroad 3
    2. Domestic studies 4
  3. Methodology 5
    1. Research questions 5
    2. Participants 5
    3. Data collection amp; analysis 5
  4. Results 7
    1. Analysis of differences in English pronunciation 7
    2. Analysis of causes of errors in pronunciation 8
      1. Mispronunciation in vowels 9
      2. Mispronunciation in consonants 10
      3. Mispronunciation in intonation 10
  5. Discussion 11
    1. Influence on English pronunciation 11
    2. Proposed solutions 11
  6. Conclusion 12
    1. Summary of the present study 13
    2. Limitations of the present study 13

Bibliography 14

AppendixⅠ: 15


A Case Study on the Influence of Jiangsu Dialects of mandarine on English Pronunciation


Dialects, which can be deduced from literal meaning, possessing strong local color, and some of them are unique and distinctive, reflecting local culture, conditions and customs.

According to Atlas of Chinese language, Jiangsu dialects consists of three branches, namely Jianghuai Dialect, Wu Dialect, and Jiangbei Dialect. Jianghuai dialect refers to the dialect from the north of the Yangtze River to Huaihe River. Wu dialect refers to the dialect from the south of the Yangtze River. Jiangbei dialect refers to the dialect 100 kilometers far away from the Huaihe River.

With the diversification of college students and the popularization of higher education, the requirements for English are becoming increasingly high. However, many college students’ English pronunciation is not up to a high standard, and reflects heavy accents of their dialects, thus producing producing a side effect on the English pronunciation study.

Our country has a vast territory, a large population, and a complexity of dialects. Therefore, differences still exist among different dialect districts. Under the circumstance that English phonetics teaching is not valued, it is difficult for the students to master a truly accurate English pronunciation ability, some impoverished districts in particular, affected by dialects.

Although English teaching in our country has achieved remarkable success up till now, and many students have received high marks in certain English examinations, it is only confined to their general proficiency in writing, reading, listening, etc. When it comes to English pronunciation, many students are still deeply influenced by dialects, whose pronunciation is weak not only in fluency, but also accuracy, which may bring inevitable difficulties and obstructions for English teaching and communications as well. It is necessary for teachers to understand, analyze and study the influence of dialects on

English pronunciation, putting forward effective suggestions to improve the influence

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