A Comparative Study of Euphemism Used in Chinese and American Diplomatic Discourses毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Comparative Study of Euphemism Used in Chinese and American Diplomatic Discourses毕业论文


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“礼”, 而美国人提倡法律。在宗教方面,中国人受道教影响,在外交辞令的使用上更加隐忍、谦虚。而美国人信仰基督教,追求个人主义及人权至上,相信上帝赋给每个人平等的权利。历史方面,中国经历了很长的封建社会,因而留下了很多根深蒂固的封建思想及规约,美国没有经历封建社会,思想行为更加灵活。

关键词:外交辞令;委婉语;策略;中美; 差异;


  1. Introduction 1
  2. 1 Definition of euphemism 2
    1. Related study on euphemism 3
    2. Differences of euphemism in diplomatic discourses 5
      1. Usage quantity 5
      2. Expression effect 7
        1. Avoiding taboos 7
        2. Expressing politeness 8
        3. Covering up the truth 9
    3. Reasons for the differences of euphemism in diplomatic discourse 10
      1. Social factors 10
      2. Religious factors 10
      3. Historical factors 12
  3. Conclusion 12

Bibliography 14

A Comparative Study of Euphemism Used in Chinese and American Diplomatic Discourses.


With the development of the world economy and science and technology, global exchanges have become closer and closer. The “Belt and Road Initiative” has become the main driving force for China’s foreign exchanges and economic development, and China’s international status has also been further enhanced. As one of the largest developing and developed countries in the world, China and the United States encounter many diplomatic occasions, and handling Sino-US relations is not only related to the interests of China and the United States, moreover, it is related to world peace and stability. The factors that affect and determine the relations between the two countries are, of course, first and foremost national interests, as well as other important factors, such as ideology, international responsibility, and so on. But eliminating misunderstandings and taking active and effective communication are also important, and sometimes even more important, for the promotion of relations between the two countries.

Discourse is a tool of communication, and the use of discourse directly reflects the

bilateral relations. In international exchanges, diplomatic discourse is an important tool and special language to improve international relations. The correct and effective interpretation of the diplomatic discourse of other countries is the premise of avoiding misunderstanding and misjudgment of information. In the multicultural official exchanges between China and the United States, there are many examples of misunderstandings and even serious consequences caused by neglecting each other’s cultural background and failing to use words appropriately.

In international exchanges, China and the United States often use various diplomatic discourse such as presupposition, euphemism, understatement, fuzziness, deliberate misinterpretation, overt evasion and the like in order to realize their own interests and achieve the desired purpose. Euphemism is a common diplomatic tool. It

originates from the use of taboo, which is mainly used to reduce the vulgar, direct

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