A Brief Analysis of Difference in Doctor-Patient Discourses and Relationship between China and the West毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Brief Analysis of Difference in Doctor-Patient Discourses and Relationship between China and the West毕业论文


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医患关系是现代社会中大众高度关注的一种交际关系。在日常生活中,我们也难以避免医患沟通间的种种问题,因为沟通不当等原因造成的医患纠纷也不计其数。医患关系已成为人们高度关注与重视的社会矛盾,我们也必须意识到构建和谐医患关系的重要性。如何构建和谐的医患关系,也成为当今社会必须面对和解决的难题。在解决问题之前,我们需要先对自身所存在的问题有个清楚的认识, 这样才能对症下药。本文将主要从中西所接受的医学教育、社会现状、监管制度等方面对中西医患关系进行比较分析,并分析造成这种现状的原因,从而总结出有利于改善中国医患关系措施。医护人员自身素质的提高、政府在医疗事业经济投入的增加、媒体的正确报道都是能改善医患关系的重要方面。



  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 2
    1. Causes of the problem in doctor-patient relationship 2
      1. Doctors’ factors 2
      2. Patients’ factors 3
    2. Differences between China and the West 3
      1. Differences in communication education 4
      2. Differences in social situations 5
        1. Government and institutional aspects 5
        2. Administrative management system 7
    3. Measures to construct harmonious doctor-patient relationship 8
      1. Improving overall moral quality amp; pedagogy of medical personnel 8
      2. Promoting governmental investment 9
      3. Guiding rational public opinions 10
  3. Conclusion 11

Work Cited 12

Bibliography 12

A Brief Analysis of Difference in Doctor-Patient Relationship between China and the West

  1. Introduction

With the rapid development of economy and society, the medical industry has also developed rapidly, and people have more and more needs in the process of seeking medical treatment. The doctor-patient relationship is one of the most important interpersonal relations, which is the foundation of medical ethics theory and the very essence of the whole medical treatment activity. It is also the most characteristic and the most important in the medical interpersonal relationship, determining whether medical activities can be carried out smoothly. All medical activity is the foundation of the harmonious doctor-patient relationship(Zhang, 2013). In doctor-patient communication, patients are no longer the passive party, instead, they also hope to get more initiative and their right to know. However, this demand is often ignored by doctors, thus causing unnecessary disputes, and thereby affecting the efficiency of medical treatment and patients’ rehabilitation. It has become commonplace that relationships between physicians and patients are no longer what they used to be. Doctors are criticized for not spending enough time with their patients, for being insufficiently caring, for an excessive reliance on technology, and generally for inadequate attention to the whole person (Gillick, 1992).

Different social backgrounds create different doctor-patient relations. The development of doctor-patient relations is affected by economy, politics, society, culture and other aspects. In recent years, doctor-patient relations in China tend to be tense, while those in western developed countries are relatively stable and harmonious. Doctor-patient relationship has become a social contradiction that people must pay full attention to. We must realize the importance of building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. This paper will analyze and compare the differences in the

doctor-patient relationship between China and the west.

  1. Demonstration
    1. Causes of the problem in doctor-patient relationship

Doctor-patient relationship mainly refers to the general term of the relationship between doctors and patients. Doctors and patients are the most important main factors that determine the trend of doctor-patient relationship. The doctor-patient relationship reflects not only the relationship between patients and doctors and hospitals, but also the relationship between patients and the medical system and even the society.

      1. Doctors’ factors

Each physician who has patients is necessarily involved in doctor-patient relationships. The doctor’s approach to the patient in answering his questions, being aware of his needs, and listening to his story reflects his basic conception of this relationship(Pemberton 1972). A large number of medical disputes have resulted in a stronger sense of self-protection for doctors, which is manifested in defensive medicine, including technical defense and emotional defense. First of all, as medical personnel, they have to consider the potential risks in the process of diagnosis and treatment. In order to prevent the occurrence of missed diagnosis, they provide a large number of but not the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment for patients, which will increase the medical burden of patients(Fan et al, 2016).

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