Application analysis of Artificial Intelligence Education in English Teaching of primary and secondary school毕业论文_英语毕业论文

Application analysis of Artificial Intelligence Education in English Teaching of primary and secondary school毕业论文


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1. Introduction 1

2. Demonstration 2

2.1 Typical Application Mode of AI assisted English teaching 3

2.1.1 Adaptive mode 4

2.1.2 Alternative mode 5

2.1.3 Compensatory mode 6

2.2. Current problems of AI assisted English teaching 7

2.2.1 Over-reliance on system evaluation 8

2.2.2 Insufficient AI teachers and related curriculum design 9

2.3 The outlook of future AI assisted English teaching 10

3.Conclusion 11

Bibliography 12

Application Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Education in English Teaching of Primary and Secondary School

1. Introduction

1.1 Research background

Artificial intelligence is consisted of “artificial” and “intelligent”. “Artificial” is easy to understand. It refers to something which is developed and studied by human beings. However, “intelligence” is difficult to understand, which is formed by consciousness, self, thinking and so on (Sunamp;Wu, 2013). The rapid development and wide application of artificial intelligence not only have a far-reaching impact on all aspects of human society, but also promote English education into the era of artificial intelligence education. It draws people’s attention to the integration of information technology and curriculum. In recent years, a series of artificial intelligence products have also been developed and continuously introduced into assisted teaching. The technology of artificial intelligence has been more and more mature, which makes many people apply it to English teaching.

1.2 Application and significance of research

It is of great significance to study the application of artificial intelligence technology in English teaching (Feng, 2016). According to the relevant data, the efficiency of English teaching in primary and secondary schools in China has not been significantly improved for a long time. The main reason is the lack of scientific methods, which leads to the blindness of English learning activities. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the informatization process of English language education in primary and secondary schools. At present, a large number of English learning network platforms and products have been applied in English education in China. The most products are to try to solve the problems of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English learning. For example, the first online intelligent real-time English chat system in China, “Xisaike”, which was independently developed by Jia Jiyou, an associate professor at the School of Education college of Peking University(Jia, 2017). The most important feature of the system are natural language understanding and intelligent agent which applied to computer-aided language teaching system and English teaching practice (Chen, 2013). The platform adopts new artificial intelligence technologies of cloud computing and big data to help teaching and learning, and provides teaching management and test evaluation. It also helps the students free from excessive assignments tactic and innovate the new education mode(Jiang,2018).

Secondly, the shortage of AI talents has become the biggest drawback of the development of artificial intelligence technology in China. Because the application of artificial intelligence requires high-quality talents which master the kill of computer, system science, management and English knowledge. Therefore, according to the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan issued by the State Council, starting from the fall of 2017, artificial intelligence courses will be offered in primary and secondary schools to promote intelligent education(Yang et al. 2018). On the one hand, it can not only cultivate the creativity of primary and secondary school students, but also create favorable conditions for solving the problem of shortage of artificial intelligence talents in China.

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