A Comparison of Teaching Methods between Chinese English Teachers and American English Teachers Online One-to-One Courses毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Comparison of Teaching Methods between Chinese English Teachers and American English Teachers Online One-to-One Courses毕业论文


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伴随着“互联网 ”政策、网络科技的发展和逐步成熟,在线少儿英语市场日益火爆,且发展前景十分远大。市场如此火爆的原因之一是有北美外教的加持。为研究北美外教与中国少儿英语教师线上教学有何不同,本研究是在科学的教学方法—全身反应法的指导下,运用视频案例分析的手段,对中美少儿英语教师的在线课程中TPR 的运用情况进行对比分析。本研究以7 至11 岁少儿为研究对象, 这个年龄段大致处于皮亚杰所说的“具体运算阶段”,这一阶段的儿童应多做些事实性或技能性的训练,而全身反应法的运用正好能满足儿童这一时期的身心发展。经过视频分析,美国教师运用的直观教学法约是中国教师的三倍,表演教学法是中国教师的四倍,整体教学法和游戏教学法使用的次数都比中国教师多。中国教师运用的绘画教学法比美国教师多,所以在今后的少儿英语在线课程中,中国教师可以在课堂中使用以上提及的教学方法,美国教师也要关注到绘画教学法在课堂中的应用。另外,纸板教学法和游戏教学法,希望中美教师都能适当运用到各自的在线课程中。



  1. Introduction 5
  2. Demonstration 6
    1. Total Physical Response (TPR) methodology 6
      1. Definition of TPR methodology 6
      2. Characteristics of TPR methodology 6
      3. Classification of TPR methodology 6
    2. TPR methodology in online courses 7
      1. TPR methodology in Chinese online courses 7
      2. TPR methodology in American online courses 9
      3. Comparison of TPR-application between Sino-US online courses 10
  3. Conclusion 11

Bibliography 12

Appendix 1 14

Appendix 2 15

A Comparison of TPR Methodology in Sino-US Teachers’ Online Courses


With the “Internet plus” policy, the development and gradual maturity of network technology, online education has risen rapidly. In the past year, it has become the “darling” of capital, and the large amount of financing news continues. According to the monitoring data given by BigData-Research center, the market size of online children’s English is expected to reach 4 billion in China in 2018, and the user scale is expected to exceed 6 million. This shows that the development prospects of online children’s English are very promising. In addition, the Total Physical Response (shorted for TPR) methodology is a teaching theory based on the law of children’s language development. If teachers can use the TPR methodology correctly and reasonably, it will bring a good advantage for children to learn English (Lu, 2018).

Currently, in China, the study of TPR methodology in Sino-US children’s English teachers’ courses mainly focuses on the real offline English class, especially the primary English class. Searching the topics “TPR, children, online English teaching” in CNKI, we get approximately 60 results. Apart from 1/3 of the chapters that deviate from the theme, such as the application of TPR in Chinese as a foreign language and other languages, and only the chapters that only know about TPR, all of the papers are based on the real offline English class and the primary English class. There are few comparative studies on applying the TPR teaching method to the online courses of Sino-US teachers. In addition, in the teaching research, the number of papers using video case analysis as an analytical means has been increasing year by year. More and more journal articles and dissertations use video cases for analysis, such as Chen, Hu and Zhou (2014), as well as Xue (2018). In the research of TPR teaching methods for children’s English teachers, the application of video case analysis is still few. Therefore, this thesis is based on the scientific teaching

methodology—TPR, using video case analysis means to analyze and compare TPR in Sino-US teachers’ online courses.


    1. Total Physical Response methodology
      1. Definition of TPR methodology

TPR methodology is a teaching method proposed by James Asher, a psychology professor at St. Joseph University in California, in 1966. It advocates the coordination of speech and action and teaches foreign language through body movements. This methodology views foreign language learning as a parallel process to child first language acquisition. It is completely possible to learn a foreign language just as children learn their mother tongue, and to design a foreign language teaching mode according to the way of learning the mother tongue, so as to highlight the unity of speech and action in the process of foreign language teaching. Thus it can be seen that TPR completely conforms to the laws of children’s language development (Huang&

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