Learning Strategies for English Chunks in the Era of Big Data from the Perspective of Cognitive毕业论文_英语毕业论文

Learning Strategies for English Chunks in the Era of Big Data from the Perspective of Cognitive毕业论文


摘 要

“语块”源于心理学概念—组块 (chunking),后来被应用到语言领域,逐渐成为外语研究领域的一个热点话题。国内对语块的研究始于二十世纪初。研究者发现语块学习策略与二语习得水平密切相关,英语学习者语块的学习效果受各方面因素的影响。认知心理学理论和大数据时代的发展对语块的学习影响更是不容小觑。




  1. Introduction 1
    1. Background of the Study 1
    2. Significance of the Study 2
  2. 3 Structure of the Thesis 2
  3. Demonstration 2
    1. Relevant Terms 2
      1. Chunks 2
      2. Cognitive Psychology 3
      3. The Era of Big Date 4
    2. Literature Review 4
    3. Relationship between Cognitive Psychology and Chunks Learning 5
      1. Information Processing 5
      2. Cognitive Behavior 6
    4. Relationship between Big Data and Chunks Learning 6
      1. A New Learning Way 7
      2. A Virtual Language Environment 7
    5. Strategies of Chunks Learning 8
      1. Developing the Awareness of Chunks 8
      2. Building Chunks Library 8
      3. Learning in the Context 9
      4. Practice and Application 9
  4. Conclusion 9

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Bibliography 11

Learning Strategies for English Chunks in the Era of Big Data from the Perspective of Cognitive Psychology


Background of the Study

Chunks were first derived from the word ‘chunk’ in psychology. Since the study of children’s chunks 150 years ago, chunks have always been concerned by the research community, then the study of chunks in the linguistic field also permeates all respects. Chunks are the foundation of language, so chunks are one of the most important contents in second language acquisition. Because chunks run through listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, the size of English learners’ chunks library determines the level of their listening, speaking, reading, writing, translating and other language abilities. Due to the development of chunks library and cognitive psychology, researchers have found that the use ability of chunks is positively correlated with the English proficiency of learners. Learners have sufficient chunks, which are the premise and guarantee for English learners to communicate with others. Therefore, chunks learning strategies have gradually become the most important research object in language learning.

Because of learners’ inaccurate understanding of chunks, they often choose and

use words inappropriately. Learners can’t search the correct chunks quickly, which leads to fail to express the meaning and made people misunderstanding; on the other hand, because of the negative impact of negative transfer of Chinese, learners’ thinking habits and language using habits in Chinese can’t make the expression authentic, fluent and complete. Because traditional English learning in China is based on word unit to memory, learners repeat spelling and follow Chinese and rote memorization. However, they pay a little attention to the deep knowledge of chunks collocation, word association and chunks context. Chunks are the building materials of language, 90% of spontaneous speech is realized by fixed or semi-fixed language with syntactic and lexical features between words and fixed phrases, which are called

chunks. The importance of chunks determines the status of chunks learning strategies.

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