A Corpus-based Study on Coherence and Cohesion of English News毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Corpus-based Study on Coherence and Cohesion of English News毕业论文


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  1. Introduction 1
    1. Introduction to the Research 1
    2. Significance of the Research 2
    3. Structure of the Thesis 3
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. Literature Review 3
    2. Methodology 4
      1. Research Questions 4
      2. Tools and Materials 4
      3. Data Collection 5
    3. Results 5
      1. Reference 5
      2. Substitutions 6
      3. Ellipsis 8
      4. Conjunction 9
      5. Lexical Cohesion 10
    4. Discussion 11
      1. The common cohesive devices in English news 11
      2. The differences in frequency of cohesive devices 11
  3. Conclusion 14
    1. Major Findings 14
    2. Implications 14
    3. Limitations and the Further Study 15

Works cited 16

Bibliography 16

A Corpus-based Study on Cohesion and Coherence of English News


    1. Introduction to the Research

In the 1960s, Halliday and Hasan first proposed the meaning of text and made a profound study on it. They think that the concept of cohesion is a semantic one; it refers to relations of meaning that exist within the text, and that define it as a text. Cohesion occurs where the interpretation of some element in the discourse is dependent on that of another. Cohesion is divided into reference, substitution, ellipsis, connection and lexical cohesion.

However, domestic scholars Zhangamp;Liu (2003) classified cohesion from semantic and formal levels. “On the semantic level, cohesion is a concept of meaning. At the level of form, the cohesion of discourse is reflected and marked by language form in terms of pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary and grammar”. They made a new division between cohesion and coherence. Many scholars have also conducted applied research and analysis on the basis of these theories. For example, in the application of coherence and cohesion theory in Chinese and English sports news, Wu and Lin (2018) concluded that “No matter in English or Chinese sports news, the application of reference is very extensive, especially personal reference and directive reference. Ellipsis is more frequently used in Chinese sports news than in English sports news”. Zhao concluded from the comparative analysis of cohesive devices between English and Chinese economic news that “personal reference, demonstrative reference and lexical cohesion in English texts were significantly more than those in Chinese ones, while substitution, ellipsis and conjunction were significantly less than those in Chinese ones”. Shen and Yu (2013) in the application of cohesive devices in English news texts showed that “in a specific text, context determines the coherence between words in the text, plays a controlling role in lexical semantics, and is a kind of implicit information. The contextual knowledge of the reader is sometimes more

important than other cohesive devices in the cognition of lexical semantics. Cohesion in a text is the only one of the factors to identify its textual nature, which is “formal” coherence.”

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