A Brief Analysis of the Utopia Vision in Anne of Green Gables毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Brief Analysis of the Utopia Vision in Anne of Green Gables毕业论文


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《绿山墙的安妮》以孤儿安妮的生活经历为线索,着力刻画了一个乌托邦式 的理想社会,表现了 19 世纪末至 20 世纪初加拿大农民的生活以及爱德华王子岛上的风土人情对青少年成长的影响。本文首先简要介绍作者及乌托邦的内涵,再 着力通过对乌托邦大环境——爱德华王子岛旖旎的自然风光、淳朴的乡间生活、养父母的关怀备至、老师的循循善诱和教导有方以及真挚的友谊等几方面的分析, 来表明乌托邦对青少年成长的影响,从而得出结论:环境、家庭、教育以及友谊 对一个人成长的至关重要性。



  1. Introduction 4
  2. Demonstration 5
    1. Utopia in environment 5
      1. The beautiful scenery in the Prince Edward Island 5
      2. The simplicity and purity of rural life 7
    2. Utopia in education 9
      1. The unselfishness of Mathew and Marilla in educating Anne 9

2.2.3 The methodical and patient guidance of Miss. Stacy 11

    1. Utopia in friendship 12
      1. The sincere and genuine love from Diana as a close friend 12
      2. The clean and pure love from Gilbert as a male friend 13
  1. Conclusion 14

Works Cited 16

Bibliography 17

A Brief Analysis of the Utopia Vision in Anne of Green Gables


Anne of Green Gables is the first novel of the Anne series written by Lucy Mound Montgomery, a female writer in the nineteenth century. Since its publication, her works have been translated into the languages of many countries and produced into TV series and animated films. This work succeeds in portraying Anne as a character whose imagination is full and whose family is filled with vigor and compassion. Through the description of Anne’s growing experience, this work carries forward the human nature of truth, goodness and beauty with a strong utopian color.

In 1516, Thomas Moore published his work Utopia, in which the author imagined that the contradictions in real life could be resolved in a simple way to achieve an “ideal world”. “Utopia” has always been regarded as a synonym for fantasy. In fact, the deeper connotation and significance of utopian spirit is a pursuit of ideals, transcendence of reality, yearning and caring for the inner spirit. Anne of Green Gables shows a beautiful picture of Utopia.

The research on Annie’s works in China can be roughly divided into four categories: those related to the Bible and Christ, such as Zheng Yan’s “Preliminary Exploration of the Biblical Archetype in Anne of Green Gables”, and Song Shuang’s Tian Wenzhi’s “Utopian Vision in Anne of Green Gables. These papers use Christian ideas and biblical archetypal stories to interpret the spirit of love, dedication and the environment in which the characters live. The second is the study concerning natural environment, such as Jiang Miao’s “Interpretation of Literature and Geography in Constructing Anne” and Tian Wenzhi’s Utopian Vision in Anne of Green Gables. The third is to interpret the novel from the feminist perspective, such as Chen Xiujun’s The Theme of Survival in the Feminist Interpretation of Anne of Green Gables and Ho

Senmei’s Anne of Green Gables from the Perspective of Ecofeminism. These papers mainly explore the Canadian national characteristics and ecological beauty in Montgomery’s novels from the feminist perspective.

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