A Study of Slangs in English Downton Abbey as an Example毕业论文

 2021-04-04 10:04

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关键词:俚语; 《唐顿庄园》 ;典型性


  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. Slang in English 3
      1. Definition of slang 5
      2. Features of Slang 7
      3. Function of slang 9
    2. Slang in Downton Abbey 10
      1. The use of slang in Downton Abbey 11
      2. Spoken slang 11
      3. Established slang 12
  3. Conclusion 13

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A Study of Slang in English: Downton Abbey as an example


Slang refers to informal and colloquial folk sentences, which are easy to understand and easy to understand words with local color summed up by the common people in their daily life. Strong regional, more life-oriented. English slang is a common language in English and is usually used in informal occasions. Sometimes slang can also be used to express some changeable things. Slang is an "informal" language not taught in schools. Slang sometimes exaggerates people's language and can express the speaker's emotions more clearly. Using specific slang on specific occasions, slang can also be interpreted with different meanings.

Nowadays, the United States and Britain are the countries where English is most widely used, so the formation and development of slang in these two countries is an indispensable part of the research. Modern American slang is a very complicated language phenomenon. During the westward movement in the early development of the United States, there was a large flow of population, dialects of various regions and languages of various social strata gradually spread in the process of population migration, and people began to communicate and use them continuously. On the other hand, the U.S. government does not have strong rules on language, and cannot pay attention to language standardization and transmission channels, thus forming the original American slang.

American slang was not only a way of communication at that time, but also a manifestation of social class and people's educational level. American slang has been pursuing conciseness and refinement in its continuous development, laying a foundation for the formation of modern slang. Slang has become the carrier of American culture while it is more widely used in the United States. With different

social classes and social groups, there will also be different ideas. Therefore, different classes and regions have different slang expressions, which gradually form modern slang expressions.

Modern slang mainly represents people's psychological characteristics of advocating freedom and rebellious values. Meanwhile, Britain is a country with a fairly developed television and movie industry. Slang is used very frequently in all kinds of television and movies in Britain. With the humorous nature of the British and the openness of language communication, slang has gradually become an indispensable part of people's life.


    1. Slang in English

Slang is a linguistic phenomenon in English. Different from the common official language and common language, slang is an interesting way of language in English and also a language situation that reflects the speaker's psychology. People use slang on specific occasions, which often reflects the speaker's psychological thoughts and even personality.

      1. Definition of slang

Slang refers to informal and colloquial sentences in English, which are easy to understand and easy to understand words with local color used by people in specific situations in daily life. People use slang appropriately to express their thoughts and meanings more accurately, and to highlight their language style and reflect their psychological state.

      1. Features of slang

Slang has the following features: strong locality, liveliness and Diversity of Rhetorical Devices. The first characteristic-strong regional, similar to Chinese dialects, people in different regions have different genres of slang. Just as most American slang is humorous, most British slang is concise and ironic. The second

characteristic is very life-oriented, which is the most prominent characteristic of slang.

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