A Study of Amir’s Personality and Its Influence Factors毕业论文

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关键词:《追风筝的人》, 性格塑造, 阿米尔


1. Introduction.............................................................................................................3

1.1 A brief introduction to The Kite Runnerhellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;3

1.2 A brief introduction to the Author Khaled Hosseinihellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;...4

1.3 Research contents, background and meaninghellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;.5

2. Demonstrationhellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;...6

2.1 The features of Amirrsquo;s personality in three stageshellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;...6

2.1.1 The first stage—Before Immigrationhellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;6

2.1.2 The second stage—After Immigrationhellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;..8

2.1.3 The third stage—Returning to Afghanistanhellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;...8

2.2 The influence factorshellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;8

2.2.1 In the first stagehellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;.8

2.2.2 In the second stagehellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;9

2.2.3 In the third stagehellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;..10

3. The symbolic meaning of the kitehellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;10

4. Conclusionhellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;11

Works Citedhellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;hellip;..12


An Analysis of Amirrsquo;s Character Formation in The Kite Runner

1, Introduction

1.1 A brief introduction to The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner describes a story about Amir and Hassan in the first person perspective. Amir was born in a wealthy family in Kabul, and his father is Pashtun, a successful carpet merchant. Hassan is the son of Ali, the servant of Amir#39;s family. He is a Hazara.

They grew up together. Hassan is both a playmate and a servant to Amir. They often play together. Sometimes Amir encourages Hassan to make trouble, like reflecting sunlight into a neighbor#39;s house with fragments of a mirror and shooting a walnut with a slingshot at a one-eyed shepherd dog. Ali often catches them and gets mad at them. Ali would delate Hassan, but not Amir, and Hassan would not report Amir. Amir is an excellent kite fighter, and Hassan is his best assistant. Amir#39;s father is equal to the two children, but Amir is jealous because his father think he is too timid, and Hassan is braver. When two children fight with others, Hassan always comes to the fore. In a poetry contest, Amir discovered his literary abilities, but his father do not value them. His father#39;s friend Rahin Khan give Amir encouragement. A coup took place in Afghanistan in 1973 and the Republic was established.

In 1975, in a kite race, Amir won the championship to win his father#39;s affection, while Hassan went after the kite to prove Amir#39;s achievements. But Hassan was stopped by Asif and others on his way home. Asif asked Hassan to give him the kite, but Hassan did not agree, so they used words to humiliate Hassan and rape him, Amir saw all this, but because of cowardice, he did not go to save Hassan. Afterwards, because of guilt, Amir could not face Hassan, although Hassan wanted to repair their relationship. Amir told his father that he wanted to fire Ali and Hassan, but his father refused. Afterwards Amir was in regret and pain. After the birthday party, Hassan was framed to steal his money and watch. During the confrontation in his father#39;s study, Hassan admitted that he had stolen it. Amir understood that this was Hassan#39;s last sacrifice for him. Amir was excited because his father was about to drive them away. But to his shock, his father forgave them. Ali said they are going to move to the Hazara living place to live.

In 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. In 1981, father took Amir fled to Pakistan Peshawar. Later, they moved to San Francisco, USA. Amir went to college in the United States, became a writer after graduation, met Solaya and married her. During this period, his father died of illness. Amir and Solaya moved to San Francisco. In 2001, Rahin Khan, who was terminally ill, let Amir to go to Pakistan. Because there#39;s a way to be good again. It turned out that after the departure of the Amir father and son, Rahin went to find Hassan and his father. Together, they returned to Kabul to manage the Amir family#39;s big house. Hassan also had a son, Sorabo. After the Taliban occupied Kabul in 1996, they seized the house, and Hassan and his wife were shot in the street because of racial discrimination. Sorabo entered the orphanage. Rahinkhan hoped that Amir would return to Kabul to rescue Sorabo. At first, Amir was reluctant. So Rahin Khan told Amir that Hassan was actually the illegitimate son of Amir#39;s father. Amir decided to return to Kabul to rescue Solabo. After a hard time, Solabo was finally rescued and brought back to the United States.

    1. A brief introduction to the Author Khaled Hosseini

Kaled Husseini, born in 1965 in Kabul, Afghanistan, graduated from the University of California, San Diego. His father is a diplomat and his mother is a teacher. As the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1980, his father decided to emigrate his family to the United States. In 1993, he became a physician. In 1999, he saw a report about the Taliban#39;s ban on kite flying. He recalled that flying kites was his favorite activity when he was a child in Kabul. On the spur of the moment, he wrote a story about two little boys. And in 2001 it eventually expanded into a novel. That is The Kite Runner.

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