An Application of Krashen’s Input Hypothesis to English Grammar Teaching in Secondary School毕业论文

 2021-04-03 10:04

摘 要


本文以9年级两个平行班的103名学生作为研究对象。两个班分别为实验班和控制班。实验班采用输入假说指导下的新教学方法,控制班则采用传统的教学方法。在为期4个月的实验前后对学生进行测试。实验数据用SPSS软件进行分析。研究表 明,实验班在测试中得分明显高于对照组,所以可以得出结论,基于输入假说指导下的语法教学方法比传统的语法教学方法更有利于提高学生的语法学习能力。

关键词:输入假说;语法教学;应用; Content Acknowledgementshellip; I

Abstracthellip; II

摘要hellip; III

Chapter Ⅰ Introductionhellip; 1

1.1 Research Background 1 1.2 Research Questions 2 1.3 Research Significance 2

1.4 Thesis Framework 2

Chapter Ⅱ Demonstrationhellip; 3

    1. Krashen#39;s Theory of Language Acquisition 3
    2. The Input Hypothesis 3
    3. The Application of Input Hypothesis at Home and Abroad 4 Chapter Ⅲ Research Designhellip; 7
    4. Research Purpose and Hypotheses 7
    5. Research Subjects 7
    6. Research Instruments 7
      1. Pre-testhellip; 7
      2. Post-testhellip; 8
    7. Research Procedure 8
      1. The Control Class Teachinghellip; 8
      2. The Experimental Class Teachinghellip; 8

3.5 Sample lessons 8

Chapter Ⅳ Data Collection and Analysishellip; 13

    1. Data Collection 13
    2. The Data Analysis of the Pre-test in CC and EC 13
    3. The Data Analysis of the Post-test in CC and EC 14 Chapter Ⅴ Conclusionhellip; 17
    4. Major findings 17
    5. Suggestions 17
    6. Limitations of the research 18 Bibliographyhellip; 19

Appendix Ahellip; 21

Appendix Bhellip; 24

Appendix Chellip; 27

Chapter Ⅰ Introduction

The informationization of social life and the globalization of economy make English more and more important. As one of the most important information carriers of human beings, English has become the most widely used language in human life. Compared with practicing spoken English and memorizing words, grammar seems to have been neglected. But the actual reality is the opposite, grammar is of great importance.

    1. Research Background

In middle school English teaching, grammar learning is interspersed with text learning instead of setting up separate grammar lessons. It can be seen that grammar learning has received little attention. Therefore, how to implement grammar teaching effectively in middle school classes and how to develop students#39; grammar skills are the current problems. At present, the grammar teaching in middle school is not optimistic. The main problems are the single implementation approach, the lack of extension content and the shortage of teaching practice. More problems are as follows. Due to the heavy course content and tight course schedule, many teachers have adopted the teaching form of direct translation. This method places too much emphasis on the form of language without paying enough attention to the meaning of language. In such a classroom atmosphere, students#39; study enthusiasm is not high and teachers also feel bored not to mention the teaching effects.

Many scholars try to use new teaching methods to teach grammar, such as task-based approach and communicative approach. Krashenrsquo;s Input Hypothesis has also gained a lot of attention. Many scholars have applied Krashenrsquo;s Input Hypothesis to listening teaching and writing teaching and achieved some results. To sum up, can Input Hypothesis also be used in grammar teaching and learning? This paper mainly focuses on this issue.

    1. Research Questions

This paper focuses on the following questions:

  1. Can the new teaching approach improve students#39; grammar ability through a large amount of comprehensible grammar input?
  2. Is it helpful to enhance studentsrsquo; interests by class activities?
    1. Research Significance

Language learning requires a lot of input and only effective input can achieve the maximum input effect. Finding the best input timing, giving students an appropriate amount of comprehensible input, and paying attention to the order and sequence of input are exactly what the Krashenrsquo;s Input Hypothesis emphasizes. Therefore, the significance of this research lies in the exploration of the application of Krashenrsquo;s Input Hypothesis in grammar teaching in middle school, which can provide suggestions for further grammar teaching.

    1. Thesis Framework

This paper is divided into five parts. The first part mainly introduces the research background, research problems and research significance. The second part is a literature review, expounding the Second Language Acquisition Theory and Input Hypothesis proposed by Krashen, as well as the research status of relevant topics at home and abroad. The third part is the experimental design. This part expounds research objectives and research methods and introduces the whole process in detail. The fourth part displays and analyzes the data. The fifth part summarizes the thesis and concludes the limitations of the experiment and provides suggestions for grammar teaching in middle school.

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