An Analysis of Creative Treason in the Three English Versions of Ah Q Zheng Zhuan毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of Creative Treason in the Three English Versions of Ah Q Zheng Zhuan毕业论文


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“创造性叛逆”这一概念最早由法国社会学家埃斯卡皮提出,而后由谢天振教授引入中国。译者在追求接近和再现原作的过程中不可避免地对做出对原作的客观背离,这种创造性叛逆不仅延长了作品的生命,而且赋予了原作在目的语文化中的第二次生命。作为鲁迅唯一一部中篇小说,《阿 Q 正传》描述了雇农阿 Q 悲惨的生活,小说反映了辛亥革命前后半殖民半封建社会的典型弊病以及当时民众的麻木不仁。本文以《阿 Q 正传》的三个英译本,即杨宪益与戴乃迭译本、威廉·莱尔译本和蓝诗玲译本作为研究案例,结合文本具体分析译者在语言,语气和文化三方面进行的创造性叛逆,进而探究创造性叛逆存在的必然性以及影响创造性叛逆的主要因素,旨在论证译者在翻译中的主体性地位,创造性叛逆在文学翻译中具有积极作用和指导意义。

关键词: 创造性叛逆;《阿 Q 正传》;译者的地位;语言;语气;文化


  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 2
    1. An overview of creative treason 2
      1. The concept and development of creative treason 2
      2. The value of creative treason in literary translation 4
    2. An overview of Ah Q Zheng Zhuan 5
      1. The Author of Ah Q Zheng Zhuan: —Lu Xun 5
      2. Main plots and characters in Ah Q Zheng Zhuan 6
    3. Three approaches of realization of creative treason 7
      1. Creative treason in language 7
      2. Creative treason in tone 9
      3. Creative treason in culture 11
        1. Translation of cultural-loaded words 12
        2. Translation of idioms 13
    4. Factors affecting creative treason 15
  3. Conclusion 16

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An Analysis of Creative Treason in the Three English Versions of Ah Q Zheng Zhuan


As one of the most important works in the history of modern Chinese literature, Ah Q Zheng Zhuan was written by Lu Xun, the chief commander of China’s modern cultural revolution and the founder of modern Chinese literature. With distinctive features of characters, creative writing methods, thoroughgoing critical realism and so forth, the work reveals typical weakness and ills of a deformed society in the early 20th century. Meanwhile, it provokes people to reflect and cogitate upon statecraft. Upon the publication of Ah Q Zheng Zhuan, it has been translated into more than forty languages. There have been mainly five English versions made by Julia Lovell( 蓝 诗玲), Yang Hsien-yi and Gladys Yang( 杨宪益和戴乃迭), Chi-chen Wang( 王际真), George Kin Leung( 梁社乾) and William A Lyell. Since diverse versions came into being, scholars both at home and abroad in mounting numbers have been attracted to conduct research from various perspectives, promoting the mutual communication between China and other countries.

Nevertheless, previous studies on this novel chiefly pertain to the original work by Lu Xun and there are no sufficient studies on the English versions of Ah Q Zheng Zhuan from the perspective of creative treason.

Differences between Chinese and foreign cultures and languages are inevitable, so the translators has to make appropriate adjustments and to do some creative treason on the basis of being faithful to the source text in order to make the reader understand the thoughts and aesthetics of the source text. Therefore, the author believes that the study of creative treason can not only help the translator better deal with the differences, but also assist readers from the target language countries to understand the cultural values and essence of the source language country.

This thesis takes the three English versions of Ah Q Zheng Zhuan translated by

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