An Analysis of “Magic” in The Secret Garden毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of “Magic” in The Secret Garden毕业论文


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2. Demonstration —————————————————————————————2

2.1 Natural magic ————————————————————————————–3

2.1.1 Natural recycling ——————————————————————————-4

2.1.2 Magic in human body ————————————————————————-5

2.2 Human magic ————————————————————————————–6

2.2.1 Optimism and curiosity ———————————————————————–7

2.2.2 Spiritual nutrition to people —————————————————————–8

2.3 Magic in harmony between human and nature ——————————————–9

2.3.1 Human’s return to nature ——————————————————————- 10

2.3.2 The reciprocal benefits to human and nature——————————————-11

3. Conclusion —————————————————————————————–12

Note ———————————————————————————————13

Works Cited ——————————————————————————————-14

Bibliography ——————————————————————————————15

An Analysis of “Magic” in The Secret Garden

  1. Introduction

Frances Hodgson Burnett (November 24, 1849–October 29, 1924) is a famous American novelist and children’s literature writer. She is widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century. She was born in Manchester, England, then emigrated to the American state of Tennessee in 1865. Her career as a writer began with the publication of That Lass o’ Lowrie’ s (1877), a best-selling novel. She published more than 40 novels in her lifetime, many of which are selected as the primary and secondary texts in English-speaking countries such as Britain, America, Canada and Australia. What really bestows her the fame is her works for children.

Frances Hodgson Burnett has many well-written works: A Little Princess, The Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Lost Prince, etc. However, it is The Secret Garden that is considered as her most successful novel. The inner secret of growing up or along with the inner secret of growth has been the main theme in many of Burnett’ s works. This female writer, who affects the entire 20th century, is awe of the inner strength through growth. This kind of power comes from love and nature in The Secret Garden. Burnett gives these forces the color of magic in her beautiful, delicate and fantastic writing. She created the basic components of The Secret Garden when she decorated her garden in Long Island, New York in 1909. The book was initially published in the serial form beginning in 1910, and published in the book form for the musical. It was still granted the Tony Awards in 1991.

The Secret Garden tells the story of the growth of Mary Lennox, a British girl who has lost parents because of cholera in India and regains happiness after moving back to England. The theme of the novel is that when humans return to nature and experience the change of nature, they can overcome their defects through the awakening of self-consciousness to achieve a sense of well-being and mutual coexistence between man and nature. At the end of the book we can see that both the self-absorbed boy and the autistic girl have been revamped through the activity of reforming the abandoned garden and become healthy. In addition, they prompt adults to step out of their own worlds and communicate with the inner mind of humans. The word “magic” is often mentioned in the book. Actually, the self-improvement of the protagonist and the action itself are the most effective and immense magic.

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