A Case Study on Teachers Code-Switching in Intensive Reading Class from the Perspective of Pragmatic Adaptation Theory毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Case Study on Teachers Code-Switching in Intensive Reading Class from the Perspective of Pragmatic Adaptation Theory毕业论文


摘 要


由此,本文基于 Verschueren 的语言顺应理论,运用于国栋提出的语码转换顺应性模式,采用案例分析的方法,从语用学的角度对英语专业精读课堂中教师语码转换的运用进行了较为系统的研究。主要探讨了教师语码转换的顺应性目的,以便为英语专业教师控制语码转换的数量,提升语码转换的质量以及提高英语教学效果等方面提供建议。据此,提出了三个研究问题:(1)英语专业精读课堂中语码转换的实际使用情况如何?(2)学生怎样看待和评价教师语码转换?






  1. Introduction 1
    1. Research background 1
    2. Significance of the study 2
    3. Structure of this thesis 2
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. Literature review 3
      1. Code-switching theory 3
        1. Definition of code-switching theory 3
        2. Previous studies on code-switching theory 4
      2. Adaptation theory 8
        1. Definition of adaptation theory 8
        2. Previous studies on adaptation theory 10
      3. Summary 12
    2. Methods 12
      1. Research questions 12
      2. Participants 13
      3. Materials 13
      4. Procedure 13
    3. Results and discussion 13
      1. Code-switching as adaptation to the linguistic reality 14
      2. Code-switching as adaptation to the social conventions 17
      3. Code-switching as adaptation to the psychological motivation 20
  3. Conclusion 22

Bibliography 24

A Case Study on Teacher’s Code-Switching in Intensive Reading Class from the Perspective of Pragmatic Adaptation Theory


    1. Research background

Since 1960s, code-switching as a unique linguistic phenomenon, has aroused attention of linguists abroad and home. One focus of studies on code-switching has been teachers’ code–switching in classrooms. The study on this unique phenomenon has been expanded to psycholinguistic, sociolinguistics, conversational analysis, pragmatics and other areas. Among them, pragmatics approach is a new attempt to study code-switching from a more comprehensive perspective considering the dynamics, complexity, and variability of code-switching, for it naturally adheres to linguistic, social (including cultural), and cognitive factors that interact with one another in communication. Therefore the study of teachers’ code-switching under this perspective has been extensively adopted.

Researchers have tried to find out whether foreign language teachers should apply code-switching in classrooms. Generally speaking, there are three different views on this question: those who think first language as a barrier, those who think mother tongue as a facilitator and those who are neutral. It’s reported that many English teachers in China apply code-switching in classrooms in order to achieve efficiency. But whether code-switching is necessary to English majors, who are more proficient in English, is still unknown.

Also, the current researches on teachers’ code-switching are mainly qualitative researches which based on questionnaire, but empirical studies based on actual classroom teaching are insufficient. So this thesis adopts the approach of case analysis, with all the cases chosen through intensive reading class, the research results will be more targeted and timely.

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