A Study on Young Children English Phonics Teaching毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Study on Young Children English Phonics Teaching毕业论文


摘 要

自然拼读法,又称“Phonics”,是目前国际上最推崇的英语教学法。这是一种母语为英语的儿童学习英语读音与拼字、增进阅读能力与理解力的教学法, 更是以英语为第二语言的英语初学者学习发音规则与拼读技巧的方法。近年来, 由于我国英语学习逐步小龄化,家长对儿童英语启蒙也越来越重视,英语拼读尤其是儿童英语阅读和理解能力发展的基础。

本文通过问卷调查和词汇量表,对自然拼读法的适用儿童、教学模式、教辅工具和英语词汇量等方面进行调查,分析了前三者与自然拼读法之间的关系,以及它们对儿童英语词汇量的影响;以期为自然拼读法的运用提供一些实证依据, 并为儿童英语教学提供建议。




  1. Introduction 1
    1. Background of the research 1
    2. The significance of the research 1
    3. Structure of the thesis 2
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. Literature review 3
      1. Studies on phonics abroad 3
      2. Studies on phonics at home 4
      3. Summary 5
    2. Methodology 6
      1. Subjects 6
      2. Tools 9
      3. Procedure 10
    3. Results 11
    4. Discussion 14
      1. Role of phonics in English learning 14
      2. Effective way of phonics teaching 15
  3. Conclusion 16
    1. Findings 16
    2. Implications 17
    3. Limitation and further study 18

Works Cited 20

Bibliography 21

Appendix I 23

Appendix II 25

A Study on Young Children English Phonics Teaching


    1. Background of the research

Nowadays, phonics is the most popular children English teaching method. According to children features of language acquisition and cognitive characteristics, phonics is a suitable phonetic system for children to learn English pronunciation. The core is to establish the corresponding relationship between letters and sounds. Without using phonetic symbols, based on the pronunciation of the word, young children can read the word. Meanwhile, it is helpful for children in non-English-speaking countries who are unable to read the new word.

Phonics is the mainstream of children English teaching methods. Having a certain theoretical background, but under the domestic education background, there is lack of empirical research to explore its practical significance. This paper will study the influence of phonics on children English vocabulary by empirical investigation, thus to offer some guiding suggestions about children English teaching. In the learning process, vocabulary can be most intuitive to reflect the effects of learning. This is the core.

    1. The significance of the research

The theory of the acquisition and development of children’ s language is an important field of applied linguistics. Children’ s language acquisition process is not without rules and regulations. In the study of children’ s language acquisition process, the second language teaching has important influence on the development of children’ s language, and this paper will comb the basic theory of children’ s language acquisition and development, and analyze its enlightenment to the second language teaching.

The basic theory of children’ s language acquisition and development is

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