The Theoretical Role of Constructivism in Constructing Computer Assisted English Teaching毕业论文_英语毕业论文

The Theoretical Role of Constructivism in Constructing Computer Assisted English Teaching毕业论文


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关键词:建构主义, 计算机辅助英语教学


1.Introduction 1

1.1 The meaning of constructivivsm leaning theory 1

1.2 The meaning of other theories 2

2. Demonstration 2

2.1 The background of computer assisted teaching 3

2.2An introduction to the questions 4

2.3 The role of constructivism in forming computer assisted teaching 4

2.3.1 Face to face learning 5

2.3.2 Independent Learning 6

2.3.3 Online collaboration Learning 7

2.3.4 Remote network learning 8

2.4 The function of computer assisted teaching 9

3. Conclusion 10

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Bibliography 13

The Theoretical Role of Constructivism in Constructing Computer Assisted English Teaching


1.1The meaning of constructivism learning theory

“Constructivism learning theory holds that human cognition is not directly given by external stimuli, but is the result of interaction between external stimuli and internal psychological processes of cognitive subjects. He also thinks that learning is the process in which learners acquire knowledge, knowledge is the learners in certain contexts that social and cultural background, with the help of others (including teachers and learning partners), use the necessary learning resources to achieve,which means students acquire how much knowledge totally depends on learners according to their own experience to construction of the ability of knowledge.”(Zhang;Li 2002)

The theory of constructivism in modern education considers “situation”,“cooperation”, “conversation” and “significance construction” are the four main factors. Constructivism learning theory emphasizes: First, the student is the subject of cognition, they take their initiative to learn, teachers should play the role of the student mentors; Second, the scene of meaning construction is important, learning is associated with a certain situation, when learners in the process of learning, they are constantly received assimilation and transformation of information; Third, collaborative learning are the key to constructivism learning theory, to communicate with others and to check their own “understanding” is more in line with the objective law. In the last, the learning environment is the place that learners want to discover and explore, students can make use of various tools and resources for learning, so as to achieve expected learning goals.

“Constructivism believes that the teaching process is not passively giving knowledge, but instead helps students to construct and reconstruct the knowledge in an active way by means of various tasks. The tasks and activities should be designed to be suitable for the learning goals. The students are the active builders”(Gao 2015).

Compared with the traditional teaching mode, this teaching mode enables students to have more initiative, and when teachers pass on knowledge and skills to students, they can also obtain timely feedback from students, so as to adjust the teaching methods better than before.

1.2The meaning of other theories

The behaviorist learning theory holds that human thinking is the result of interaction with the external environment.Learners are stimulated by the environment and calls something happens to be a reaction,learning is the connection between stimulate and reaction.When behaviorist learning theory is embodied in computer assisted teaching,it requires teachers to restrain students’ behavior, to create a learning environment for students, to optimize the proper behavior of students, and to reduce inappropriate behavior.

Cognitive learning theory holds that learning is a process of forming new cognitive structures through processing of knowledge, which is very similar to constructivism.The difference is that the theory of cognitive learning holds that knowledge is objective, and constructivism holds that objective things have little significance.Knowledge is the individual’s understanding and assumption of reality and influenced by certain experiences and cultures.In addition to emphasizing the initiative of learning, constructivism holds that social practice and social situation are closely related to learning.

Compared with cognitive learning theory, constructivism learning theory inherits its advantages and gains further development.

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