An Analysis of Feminist Consciousness in Margaret in North and South毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of Feminist Consciousness in Margaret in North and South毕业论文


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1. Introduction 1

2. Demonstration 2

2.1 Personal causes leading to the rise of female consciousness 2

2.1.1 Margaret’s spiritual pains 2

2.1.2 Margaret’s personal characteristics 3

2.1.3 Margaret’s view of marriage 3

2.2 Family and other typical female images’ influences contributing to the rise of female consciousness 4

2.2.1 Psychological weakness of Margaret’s father 4

2.2.2 The death of Margaret’s mother 5

2.2.3 The missing of Margaret’s brother 6

2.2.4 Bessie’s death caused by pollution and depression 6

2.3 Social background contributing to the rise of female consciousness 7

2.3.1 The difference between north and south 7 The Industrial Revolution 7 The difference between north and south 7

2.3.2 The patriarchal society 8

3. Conclusion 9

Works Cited 10

Bibliography 11

An Analysis of Female Consciousness in Margaret in North and South

1. Introduction

Elizabeth Gaskell is an extraordinary female novelist in English literature. Mrs. Gaskell experienced a lot of misfortune from her family and social disturbance all her life, but she never gave up. She took up her pen and devoted herself to writing her traumatic memory. Her novels and short stories are filled with humanity and compassion. Mrs. Gaskell has been well remembered for her novels in which she deals with various subjects with impressive and remarkable characters.

Mrs. Gaskell is well-known for her industrial novel North and South, which is published in 1855. Its description presents the comparison and collision between the feudal social structure and the emerging industrial society with the rapid development of capitalism. Some western critics think that North and South can be regarded as the most important and outstanding novel of the 1840s.

With the rise of Western feminism in recent years, more and more feminist novels have attracted renewed interest and attention. North and South is one of them. The novel presents a typical southern girl’s growth in the industrial city Milton. Her life experience in Milton indicates that women under the influence of industrial revolution have begun to make breakthroughs, walk out and take part in the public activities. And it also reflects female pursuit of independence.

Many scholars have made a study of North and South. Some researches interpret Mrs. Gaskell’s works from the perspective of feminism, but fail to explore its deep connotation. Elliott analyzes the female marriage concept in the Victorian era under the influence of the Industrial Revolution by focusing on the heroine’s view about marriage in North and South.(Elliott,1994)

Most studies of North and South mainly focus on its comparison with Mary Barton from the perspective of emotional structure, theme and etc. Ning Yuanyuan attempts to reinterpret the themes of Mary Barton and North and South and explore the continuity of the themes in the two novels. The two novels have double structures —the industrial problems and women’s self-awareness.(Ning, 2006)Gu Qiaoling focuses on feminism through analyzing the physical pain that women suffer in the male-dominated society and exploring the spiritual pain the heroine suffers in her confrontation with males in the patriarchal society.(Gu, 2011)

On the basis of existing researches, this thesis analyzes female consciousness in the heroine Margaret from different angles, and explores the causes leading to the germination and development of female consciousness in Margaret.

  1. Demonstration

Feminism is originally an ideological and political movement, which aims to gain equality in political, economic, cultural and human rights aspects. Then it gradually develops into a global cultural trend: feminism should promote the potential value of women which is covered by male power.

This part is divided into three parts. The first part probes into the personal factors, including the heroine’s characteristics and opinion. The second part focuses on the influences of her family, including her father’s personality weakness, the death of her mother and her brother’s disappearance. The third part focuses on the social background, including Industrial Revolution, the different environment and the patriarchal society.

2.1 Personal causes leading to the rise of female consciousness

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