A Comparative Study of Becky Sharp and Jane Eyre毕业论文

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关键词:女性主义; 女性意识; 男权社会; 追求和命运


  1. Introduction -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5

1.1 Social background --------------------------------------------------------------------------5

1.2 Life experiences of Thackeray and Charlotte -------------------------------------------5

2. Demonstration---------------------------------------------------------------------------------6

2.1 Similarities between Becky and Jane-----------------------------------------------------6

2.1.1 Social and cultural backgrounds in the works-----------------------------------------6

2.1.2 Life experiences of Becky and Jane ----------------------------------------------------6

2.1.3 Characteristics of Becky and Jane------------------------------------------------------ 7

2.2 Differences between Becky and Jane-----------------------------------------------------8

2.2.1 Different life pursuits of Becky and Jane ---------------------------------------------8 Becky’s life pursuit---------------------------------------------------------------------8 Jane’s life pursuit------------------------------------------------------------------------8

2.2.2 Different fates of Becky and Jane-------------------------------------------------------9

2.3 Different attitudes of Thackeray and Charlotte towards feminism--------------------9

2.3.1 Thackeray’s attitude towards feminism-----------------------------------------------10

2.3.2 Charlotte’s attitude towards feminism------------------------------------------------11

3. Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12

Works Cited -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14


A Comparative Study of Becky Sharp and Jane Eyre

I. Introduction

1. Social background

Vanity Fair and Jane Eyre were both created in 19th century in England. The Victorian era of the United Kingdom was the period which the world's leading industrial nation and the capitalist economy was booming. Capitalists exploited and squeezed the bottom workers and dominated the society. At that time, the division of the rich and poor was actually clear, the bottom people were treated indifferently and cruelly. All kinds of money worship, the pursuit of fame, power and fortune were mixed together and constituted the entire atmosphere of England society. In the male dominated society, women were limited to the traditional morality, they were considered to be the private property of men. Female status is definitely low. The women's survival goal was to marry into the purple, if they were not born in a wealthy family, they would strive for wealth and status through marriage. Therefore, the whole society fell into the cage of material desires for the pursuit of money and fame. However, the differences between Vanity Fair and Jane Eyre lie in one point. Vanity Fair mainly describe the luxury of the upper class society and the pursuit of women must rely on men. On the contrary, the main description of Jane Eyre is the awareness of women, women's independence and self pursuit.

2.Life experiences of Thackeray and Charlotte

Thackeray was born in a wealthy family, his father left him a large heritage. But he lived in a hard life because he spent it lavishly, so that he must go hither and thither to make a living. Unfortunately, the miserable marriage life also made him feel lonely and deplorable. Thackeray longed for the comfortable life of the upper class, and also maintained a good relationship with the upper class people. Therefore, he is good at describing the upper class of social situation, which is mixed with irony. On the contrary, Charlotte Bronte lived in a poor and miserable family. She was bullied and humiliated from childhood. Charlotte's female consciousness awakening gradually through her experience of uneasy life and hard work. Charlotte and Thackeray met together, Thackeray spoke very highly of her works, especially Jane Eyre. Charlotte also presented the second edition of Jane Eyre to Thackeray in order to show her respect for Thackeray. These two writers have intersection in their lives and show their own views on Feminism.

II. Demonstration

1. Similarities between Becky and Jane

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