Analysis of the Success of the Male Protagonist in Slumdog Millionaire毕业论文_英语毕业论文

Analysis of the Success of the Male Protagonist in Slumdog Millionaire毕业论文


摘 要

本文以主人公贾马尔最终成为百万富翁的一系列原因为研究对象,将本文分为 3

个部分来阐述:外部原因、内部原因和给社会的启示。其中外部原因分为 5 个方面:社会的影响、主人公哥哥的影响、黑帮老大的影响、警察局长的影响以及主人公童年经历的影响,这些影响使贾马尔有机会去认识形形色色的人并积累了大量的社会经验。而内部原因可以分为 3 个部分:主人公始终保持单纯善良的内心、对社会险恶始终保持警惕和对简单生活和纯洁爱情的不懈追求。这些因素帮助贾马尔从一个无忧无虑的小男孩成长为一个依旧单纯却又不失警惕之心的成年人。通过对影响贾马尔性格的内外原因的分析,本文揭示了这两大因素是如何对男主角造成影响并帮助他获得最后的大奖最终成为百万富翁的,并且为日后的相关研究提供参考。



  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 1
    1. Literature review 1
      1. Studies abroad 1
      2. Studies at home 2
      3. Summary 3
    2. An overview of the film 3
      1. The plots 3
      2. The social reality 4
    3. Analysis of the causes 4
      1. External causes 4
        1. The influence of the society: the caste system 4
        2. The influence of childhood experience 5
        3. The influence of his brother 7
        4. The influence of gangster boss 8
        5. The influence of the police chief 8
      2. Internal causes 9
        1. Have a pure and good heart 9
        2. Remain vigilant at times of hardships and obstacles 9
        3. Keep on the pursuit of true love and simple life 10
  3. Conclusion 11

Works cited 12

Bibliography 13

Analysis of the Success of the Male Protagonist in “Slumdog



The film “Slumdog Millionaire” is directed by British director Danny Boyle, and adapted from the work of Qamp;A, an Indian writer, Verkas Schwarrup. Dan N. Bower has sharpness and thoroughness in imagery and thought. In addition, the unique Indian national music, humanities and social environment in the film have enhanced the expression of the film. Moreover, the protagonist’s relentless pursuit of love and truth ultimately gives him great bonuses and perfect love.

The purpose of this study is to explore what qualities a person should have on the road to success and what attitudes to choose in the face of setbacks. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the introduction of the thesis in terms of the research background and the significance of the study. The second part focuses on the demonstration. Firstly, literature review is provided: studies abroad and at home; secondly, it talks about the plots of the film and making of success; thirdly, the thesis lays emphasis on the external and internal causes of why Jamal can achieve success. The final part is a summary of the whole thesis, which provides some inspirations on how to achieve success.


    1. Literature review
      1. Studies abroad

With regard to this film, the research directions of foreign countries are broadly divided into the following three perspectives: firstly, some criticism’s comments on this film; secondly, comparative analysis of the film and other movies; thirdly, reflections on the movie itself.

In 1988, E. Fromm emphasized in his own book For His Own People that, “Jamal is an ordinary but uncommon person in thousands of Indian families”.(Fromm,1988) He used a God-like perspective to analyze the series of the problems that Jamal encountered in the process of his growth, which have caused great repercussions in society. In the book Cultural Imperialism published in 2003, Edward W. Said translated India’s often-responsive cultural nation into an “empire”, and the “imperial” people of all kinds seem to be safe. In a sense, these people who have positions reflect the Indian cultural attitude: submissive and the author’s dissatisfaction with and criticism of Indian culture. Jane made a comparative analysis

of “Shoe Shine”, “Friendship” and “Slumdog Millionaire”, and found that the protagonists in the three films have similar characteristics, namely, they are unremittingly pursuing the future. They want to achieve the purpose: “Going to live”. To achieve this “purpose”, they have spared no efforts and sweat that ordinary people haven’t. Hartekar and Turbin have studied on the film from the perspectives of globalization, feminism, and the media, and expanded the phenomenon that the Indian society displays on the small screen the possibility of global appearance in the future. The question has aroused the deep thinking of scholars of globalization, and has provided some inspirations for scholars who are devoted to the study of neo-liberal economics and globalization.

      1. Studies at home

In the Small World on the Big Screen, through combining Indian history and cultural traditions, Liu Shan analyzes the details of the film and the cultural customs of contemporary Indian society, mainly from the severe polarization of the rich and the poor, which result in restricting the social development of the racial system. Three aspects of religious conflicts with Hindus and Muslims are analyzed. In the book Restoration of the Story and Others, which was published in 2014, Zuo Ya-man brought the novel Q amp; A to the world, telling the common and contradictory points of the film and the novel, and making it epic. It shows the development and changes of Indian society from the angle of literature and art over the past decades. In addition, it

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