An Analysis of Female Consciousness in Hemingway毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of Female Consciousness in Hemingway毕业论文


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欧内斯特•米勒尔•海明威是二十世纪最伟大的作家之一,他的作品自成一派,语言朴实,直观,往往都是最基本的词汇,句式组合却能够表达最复杂的内容与情感。海明威笔下的女性性格各异,形象生动,很多人物角色更是他身边女性角色的写照。本文将着重就海明威的四部小说《永别了,武器》《丧钟为谁而鸣》《太阳依旧升起》《弗朗西斯•麦康伯短促的幸福生活》中的女性角色进行分类,从情感生存依附、 自身的欲望依附的角度对上个世纪女权运动中海明威的作品中所融入的女性角色进行探讨以驳斥女权主义者对其女性意识缺乏的谴责。



1.Introduction 1

2. Demonstration 2

2.1.The Definition of Feminism 2

2.2The Origin of Hemingway’s Female Consciousness 2

2.2.1Family Environment 2

2.2.2 Personal Experiences 3

2.2.3 War Experience 4

2.2.4 Industrialization 5

2.3The Expression of Feminism in Hemingway’s Four Works 5

2.3.1 Women Attached to Emotion 6 Almighty Catherine 6 Gentle Maria 7

2.3.2 Women Attached to Desire 8 Brett 8 Cruel Margaret 9

3. Conclusion 10

Work Cited 11

Bibliography 12


Ernest Hemingway(1899-1961) was one of the most famous writers in the 20th century,and his works had been an inseparable part of American literature. As one of the most famous writers in the world,there were also abundant critics appeared. In a long time,he was always been condemned as a writer who was lack of female conscious and only willing to represent masculinity because in Hemingway’s works ,“hunting” “bull fighting” “fishing” and “war” were eternal themes, and the females characters always acted as a contrast or foil. Feminist condemned that he was incapable to describe female characters and hate females, while it was not the truth, the female characters under Hemingway’s pen were all real represents of women in the last centuries. They were confused and fuzzy in the later patriarchal society, and seek for the real definition of females.

The feminist movement in the 20th century was in full swing, and the research of Hemingway’s consciousness of females became more and more. One of female scholars Bernice Kert(1983)wrote The Hemingway Woman in 1983she concluded that Hemingway hated female from his private life. Philip young(1987) was the most famous critic of Hemingway’s works ,who proposed the theory “wound theory” and “code hero” for the first time. Ernest Hemingway was his workin his view , the woman under Hemingway’s pen were all either vicious, destructive wives like Mrs.Macomber, or daydreamers like CatherineMaria and Renata young. In Chinese scholars’ research,like Xiao liqing,Dai Guiyu(2001), they focus mainly on “code hero”, creative thought and artistic style. The domestic research of female characters mainly emerged in the 1990s, as well as critics in western, domestic critics also hold different comments on the Hemingway’s attitude to female. Yu Dongyun(1997) guided the first comment on Hemingway’s female writing, she wrote that Hemingway created the theme of the decline of patriarchal culture with a bleak atmosphere. Some others also hold this view that Hemingway excluded female, like Liu Zhiliang and Li Jialun(1996). Dai Guiyu was another famous critic who used feminist ecology to analyze Hemingway’s female consciousness. “Hemingway has the strong sense of ecological feminism, and devoted himself to study man and nature,male and female,man to man .”(Dai Guiyu:2001)She pointed out that Hemingway considered things from the perspective of woman, and aimed to reveal woman’s inner feelings, and their rights as a part of society.


2.1.The Definition of Feminism

The term feminism was introduced into the English vocabulary in 1910,and it means the “complete social revolution” of females. The early feminism has two leading ideologies, which were liberation as a human and liberation as a woman. The goal of these two ideologies was to eliminate all barriers that prevented women from being fully developed as individuals. In other words, the term “feminism” was originally used to refer to woman’s political movements initiated for woman’s social status.

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