Study of the Effects on The Western Development by The Westward Movement毕业论文_英语毕业论文

Study of the Effects on The Western Development by The Westward Movement毕业论文


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关键词:西进运动;西部大开发;启示;土地政策; 政府领导;科技


1. Introduction 1

2.Demonstration 3

2.1 The positive implications of the Westward Movement 3

2.1.1 The powerful land policy 3

2.1.2 The educational and science and technology promotion policy 5

2.1.3 The active role of the government 7

2.2 The negative implications of the Westward Movement 8

2.2.1 Ecological damage 8

2.2.2 Ethic crisis 10

2.3 The enlightenment of the Westward Movement 12

3. Conclusion 13

Work Cited 15

Bibliography 16

A Study on the Implications of the Westward Movement for the Western Development


The famous westward movement of the United States from the end of the 18th century to the end of the 19th century was the development process of the United States towards the British colonies in the former West. It was also an important stage in the transformation of the United States into an urbanized and industrialized society. The Westward Movement is an aggressive act by the United States to broaden territory and annex land. It developed the western region of the United States today and eliminated many Indian civilizations. At the time, it was only a colonial area in the east. It required a lot of land and the local population that could not meet the population and economy. With the need for development, he turned his attention to the west. At that time, the lands in the west were all Indian tribes. The United States’ construction of the west has provided many reference methods and lessons for China’s western development in the late 20th century.

Due to the historical existence and over-expansion of the development gap between the eastern and western regions, Chinese government has to map out China’s economic and social development. The Western Development is a major strategic plan for the Communist Party of China Central Committee to implement Deng Xiaoping’s strategic thinking of “two overall development” for China’s modernization. It makes major strategic decisions for the western area, and comprehensively promotes socialist modernization. China’s strategy for the large-scale development of the western region is to open up the wasteland and rely on the major arteries such as the Eurasian Continental Bridge, the Yangtze River Waterway. The economic belts across the administrative regions such as the New Line and the upper reaches of the Yangtze River have driven the development of other regions and have advanced the development of the western region in a step-by-step manner. It includes promoting the development of the regional economy, speeding up the infrastructure construction, protecting ecological environmental construction and improving scientific and technological progress.

Many scholars only looked at the results of the Westward Movement when studying the Westward Movement, and ignored the adverse effects of the Westward Movement on the destruction of the environment. At the same time, they also ignored the slaughter of Indians in the Westward Movement. Some scholars are also aware of the adverse effects of environmental destruction in the westward movement and have conducted research on it, but have failed to point out that our country’s policies and environment for the environment have a huge impact on China and the world, such as “Environmental Damage to the Westward Movement of the United States and Its Enlightenment to China’s Western Development.”(Zhangzhun, 107)

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