Independence Education of Children in China America a Contrastive View毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

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1. Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1

2. Demonstration-------------------------------------------------------------------------------2

2.1 Pre-study period-----------------------------------------------------------------------------2

2.1.1 Notions: “Private property” vs. Equal individuals -----------------------------------3

2.1.2 Contents: Protection and care vs. personality and freedom -------------------------3

2.1.3 Parent-child relationship:Anaclisis vs. Adoration------------------------------------4

2.2 In-study period-------------------------------------------------------------------------------5

2.2.1 Notions:“Guan” vs. Guide ------------------------------------------------------------5

2.2.2 Priority: Grades vs. Development of personhood-------------------------------------6

2.2.3 Developments: Parent-dominated vs. Child-respected-------------------------------6

2.3 Post-study period----------------------------------------------------------------------------7

2.3.1 Notions:Worry-free vs. Self-responsible---------------------------------------------7

2.3.2 Contents:Career and marriage vs. Self-reliance ------------------------------------8

2.3.3: Parent-child relationship: Being supported vs. Leaving it alone ------------------9

3. Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------9

Works Cited ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11


Independence Education of Children in China and America: a Contrastive View

  1. Introduction

One of the most important topic people are interested in is how to educate their children to be an independent person. So independence education is drawing a lot of people’s attention, no matter in China or in other parts of the word. Because, in China, family planning has conducted for over fifty years, the only-child policy brought a lot of problem to a certain extent. It means that parents give too much care to the child in the family which brings a serious result that they are lack of sense of independent. On the contrary, American family education put much emphasize on the independence education over child in the whole part of their growth. At the very beginning of the year they become an infant, they should sleep all by his or her own, they need to live in a separate room instead of sleeping with their parents. So when they grow up, the child in China and American are very much different in terms of independent. It seems that American child is more independent than our Chinese child. So this topic draws a lot of people’s attention, some scholars may do some studies on it. Mine is an contrastive view on it.

Since long before 20th century many scholars have started to study the differences of family education between China and America. Such as Here and There:81 conversations about China amp; America (A book was written by two experienced senior to tell us cultural differences between China and America from 81 conversations) by Victor Yuan and David Firestein, Families and Schools Working Together (A book tell us that Parents as Partners in Education, Eighth Edition, is uniquely the most comprehensive book on the market covering the history of parenting and parent/school collaboration, current issues and population trends affecting American schools and communities, diverse family structures, and techniques for establishing a connection with parents and encouraging involvement with their child’s learning) by Degler N. Carl, American Family Education (A book tell us how American parents educated their children) by Ai Lin, and so on. From all of these books, we can conclude that due to the differences in culture tradition, ideology, lifestyle and customs, the independence education in America and China also differs from each other in many aspects, including the aims, methods and even contents of education.

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