An Analysis of Feminine Consciousness in Wuthering Heights毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

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关键词: 呼啸山庄;女性地位;女性意识;英国维多利亚时期


1. Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------------------1

2. Demonstration------------------------------------------------------------------------------2

2.1 The women’s status in the Victorian age------------------------------------------------2

2.1.1 The social environment in Victorian age ---------------------------------------------2

2.1.2 Women's dilemma in the Victorian age -----------------------------------------------3

2.1.3 The feminine consciousness------------------------------------------------------------4

2.2 The women’s status in Wuthering Heights----------------------------------------------4

2.2.1 The traditional women’s living conditions in Wuthering Heights-----------------4

2.2.2 The traditional women’s status in Wuthering Heights-------------------------------5

2.3 The development of feminine consciousness in Wuthering Heights-----------------7

2.3.1 Catherine Earnshaw resists against the traditional society--------------------------7

2.3.2 Isabella Linton seeks for the freedom -------------------------------------------------9

2.3.3 Catherine Linton fights for equality---------------------------------------------------11



Works Cited -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15


An Analysis of Feminine Consciousness in Wuthering Heights

  1. Introduction

It is universally acknowledged that Emily Bronte (1818-1848) is a shining star in the English Literature in the 19th century. She and her two sisters-Charlotte Bronte, the author of Jane Eyre, and Anne Bronte, the author of Agnes Gray, are called the Bronte sisters. Born on July 30,1818 in the village of Thornton, West Riding of Yorkshire, in Northern England, Emily joined her sisters at school for a brief period at the age of six . When a typhoid epidemic swept the school, Emily was subsequently removed from the school and was thereafter educated at home by their father and their aunt Elizabeth Branwell, their mother's sister. Their father, an Irish Anglican clergyman, was very strict, and during the day he would work in his office, while the children were to remain silent in a room together. Despite the lack of formal education, Emily and her siblings had access to a wide range of published material; favorites included Sir Walter Scott, Byron, Shelley, and Blackwood's Magazine.

But great misfortune happened to her. Emily died in the year following the publication of Wuthering Heights, her greatest novel. This novel tells the story of a miserable orphan, Heathcliff. Mr.Earnshaw picks him up, takes him home and brings him up with his children. Catharine, Mr.Earnshaw’s daughter, grows up with Heathcliff. Both of them have a rebellious bone in their body. Attracted by each other, they fall in love. However, their pure love encounters traverse and has been smashed by the class prejudice of the bourgeoisie. So Heathcliff decides to embark on the road of revenge.

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