A Study of Spread Foundations of American English Since 1980s毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

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英语成为当今世界使用范围最广、使用领域最宽、使用频率最高的一种交际工具,这与其在世界范围内的广泛传播是密不可分的。早期的英语传播得益于英国的殖民扩张和殖民霸权地位,随着美国在文化、科技、政治和经济领域优势地位的确立,英语在全球的扩张得到了进一步的巩固和发展。在美国影响下,英语传播便烙上了美国英语的印记。美国英语传播的基础包括文化、科技、政治和经济四个方面。这四个方面使得美国英语渗透到世界各地, 世界各国纷纷选择美国英语作为通用交流工具。本文以上世纪 80 年代为起点,详细分析美国英语传播的基础,并对将美国英语各种具体的传播途径进行系统归类,以帮助人们更好地理解美国英语在当今世界占有霸权地位的原因。



主体部分由三节组成。第一节介绍了美国英语的起源与发展,以及其与英国英语的区别; 第二节介绍了美国英语传播的全球化背景,分析了全球化对美国英语传播所起的作用;第三节详细分析了美国英语传播的四方面基础,并对美国英语一些具体的传播途径进行系统归类,以帮助人们更好地理解美国英语在当今世界占有的霸权地位。


关键词:美国英语 全球化 传播基础


  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. American English 3
      1. The origin and history of American English 3
      2. Differences between American English and British English 4
    2. Background of the spread of American English: Globalization 5
    3. Spread foundations of American English 6
      1. Cultural foundation 7
      2. Technological foundation 8
      3. Political foundation 10
      4. Economic foundation 11
  3. Conclusion 12

Works Cited 13

Bibliography 14


Nowadays, English is the dominant language across the globe without any doubt. Behind its wide spread across the world, there are profound historical background and realistic basis. Historically, British colonization around the world played an essential role in the spreading of English. At present, American cultural, technological, political and economic dominance globally strengthens and further expands the spread of English, especially American English.

American English, which derived from British English, is not a separate language. It is a variant of English and was formed when used in the particular geographical environment of North America and affected by the influence of American culture and society. Nowadays, the circumstance of globalization is overwhelming. Globalization of language is also included in the complex procedure of globalization. English is now the lingua franca of Internet communication, the lingua franca of international business, the lingua franca of international organizations, etc. Currently the status of English is attributed to American superpower position in the world. With the development of culture, technology, politics and economy of the United States, American English is gradually becoming more and more influential. Nowadays, much more American than British English is heard in films, on radios and on televisions, and more American English is used in foreign trade, international agreements and advanced technologies. American English, which carries the values of America, has influenced all parts of the world by its unstoppable spreading.

The study of American English started from the end of the 18th century. Noah

Webster, a distinguished linguist, had played a vital role in the creation of American English. In 1783, he wrote the book: A Grammatical Institute of the English Language which contributed to standardize the spelling of American English. He compiled Dictionary of American English in 1828 and it is considered the milestone of the formation of American English. By the late 20th Century, due to the formation of American hegemonic position in military, politics and economy, the study of American English also reached a peak period. In Henry Louis Mencken’s classic book: The American Language (1919), discrepancies between American and British English

are classified and the distinguishing characteristics of American English are also been defined. This great journalist declared the independence of American English from British English with his book. Language in the USA: Themes for the Twenty-first Century, compiled by Edward Finegan and John Rickford, includes the new achievements of research on contemporary American English and is instructive for the contemporary study of American English. Richard Bailey had a detailed study of the origin and history of American English in his thesis “ American English: Its Origins and History”.

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