A Study of Space Images in To Room Nineteen毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Study of Space Images in To Room Nineteen毕业论文


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To Room Nineteen, one of Doris Lessing’s most important short stories is characterized by the unique employment of space images. This thesis will focus on the space images in To Room Nineteen from the perspective of psychologically changing process of protagonist. In addition, the aim of this thesis is to study the awareness of Feminist is awakening under the repression of Patriarchal society and conclude that the loneliness, lacking of communication and indifference between modern people can lead to irreparable tragedy.

Key words: Doris Lessing; To Room Nineteen; Space Images; Psychological Process; Feminist;


1. Introduction 1

2. Demonstration 2

2.1 Space images creating in the self-disorientation 2

2.1.1 Self-disorientation in the large white house 3

2.1.2 Self-disorientation in the garden 3

2.2 Space images reflecting in the self-identification 4

2.2.1 Self-identification in the spare room at the top of the house 5

2.2.2 Self-identification in the Miss Townsend’s hotel 6

2.2.3 Self-identification in the Welsh emptiness 6

2.3 Space images representing in the self-discovery 7

2.3.1 Physical belongs in the room nineteen 7

2.3.2 Psychological belongingness in the room nineteen 9

3. Conclusion 10

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A Study of Space Images in To Room Nineteen

1. Introduction

Doris Lessing (October 22, 1919-November 17, 2013) is one of the most important and greatest female writers in history of English Literature in the 20th century. Her career as a writer began with the publication of The Grass is Singing, a work reflecting miserable lives of Negro slaves. The Golden Notebook published in 1962 foundered her indispensable status in literary field. Her works advocate human freedom, female’s awakening and struggling, and she won the Nobel Prize in 2007.

To Room Nineteen is written in 1962 as a successful story in Doris Lessing’s short stories collection one man and two women. The story is about the tragic life of an intelligent woman. The protagonist Susan is a middle-aged English woman. Before marriage, she works as a painter in an advertising firm; She is intelligent, humors, and independent .After her marriage, she gives up her job in order to look after her three children. She becomes a good housewife and a good mother. However, after the youngest children goes to school, she finds her life is so boring that she desires for freedom, she wants to find the true ego. Every day, she is tortured by two thoughts, on the one hand, she is sorry not to be a qualified wife and mother, and on the other hand, she is finding various ways to find her ego. Moreover, her husband cannot understand her and suspects her; finally, in order to get the true freedom, she chooses to commit suicide in the room nineteen.

To Room Nineteen has enjoyed success and a high status in literary field since its publication. Many critics explore the work from different angles, not only the themes but also some of the writing techniques have been found and discussed. The study of this novel is beneficial for the reader to have a whole understanding of the novel; it is also a good novel of perfect literary work.

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