On Analysis of Selected Modern Chinese Essays Ⅰ from the Perspective of Translator’s Subjectivity毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

摘 要

《英译中国现代散文选(一)》是中国现代著名翻译家张培基先生的散文翻译 代表作之一。它收录了张培基先生对五四运动以来名人散文的翻译共计五十二篇。本文从作者对词汇、句法及文化差异处理的三个方面展开讨论译者主体性在翻译 中的运用,并借此说明翻译过程中译者主体性的重要性。



  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 2
    1. Translator’s subjectivity 2
    2. Application of translator’s subjectivity in specific essays 2
      1. Translator’s subjectivity revealed by vocabulary 3
        1. Translation of Chinese four-character idioms 3
        2. Free Translation 4
      2. Translator’s subjectivity unfolded by sentence 5
        1. Reorganizing short sentences 5
        2. Amplification 6
      3. Translator’s subjectivity presented by overcoming cultural barriers 7
        1. Dialects 7
        2. Allusions 8
  3. Conclusion 9

Notes 10

Works Cited 11

Bibliography 12

On Selected Modern Chinese Essays Ⅰ from the Perspective of Translator’s Subjectivity


Zhang Peiji, a professor ever taught in University of International Business and Economics, is a famous Chinese translator. When he was very young, he moved to Shanghai with his parents and finished his undergraduate degree in St. John’s University which was the first western-style university in China. He went to Tokyo to be an English translator in International Military Tribunal for the Far East and then leaved for America to accomplish his graduate degree in Indiana University. He flied back resolutely upon the establishment of new China and has devoted himself in the education field of the new country until now. He has valued the principle of faithfulness, not only to texture but also to style, and coherence, which requires the accuracy of language acquisition. When the two principles cannot be achieved simultaneously, faithfulness should be stuck to. Most of his translation works are incorporated in Selected Modern Chinese Essays 1-4. Some other translation works such as A Slave Mother (a short story by Rou Shi), Xu Beihong-Life of a Master

Painter (a biography by Liao Jingwen) are also known in translation field.

Selected Modern Chinese EssaysⅠ was published in 1999, which includes 52 essays originally written by some famous authors like Lu Xun, Hu Shi and so on since the May 4th movement. Each piece in this book is bilingual, accompanied by detailed notes and some necessary introduction to the related knowledge. Also, problems such as language difficulties, translation methods and historical background are analyzed by Zhang to help readers learn more.

In Selected Modern Chinese Essays Ⅰ ,translator’s subjectivity is widely

employed to demonstrate its importance and flexibility in translation between Chinese and English. To be specific, the first part focuses on the development,definition and function of translator’s subjectivity.

The second part is devised to demonstrate the application of translator ’s subjectivity in the translation from three dimensions: the ways of wording, the

reorganization of sentence structure and the overcoming of cultural barrier.

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