A Study on the Translation of Tales of Hulan River from the Perspective of Translation Variation Theory毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Study on the Translation of Tales of Hulan River from the Perspective of Translation Variation Theory毕业论文


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1. Introduction————————————————————————————–1

2. Demonstration———————————————————————————–2

2.1 Theoretical Framework of Translation Variation Theory———————————2

2.1.1 Emergence of Translation Variation Theory———————————————2

2.1.2 Elements and Principles of Translation Variation Theory——————————3

2.1.3 Essence of Translation Variation Theory————————————————-4

2.2 An Overview of Hulanhe Zhuan and Its English Version——————————–5

2.2.1 Hsiao Hong and Her Novel Hulanhe Zhuan———————————————5

2.2.2 Howard Goldblatt’s Tales of Hulan River——————————————–—-6

2.3 Application of Translation Variation Theory Reflected in the Translation of Tales of Hulan River————————————————————————————-6


2.3.2 Deletion—————————————————————————————8

2.3.3 Adaptation————————————————————————————9

3. Conclusion————————————————————————————–11

A Study on the Translation of Tales of Hulan River from the Perspective of Translation Variation Theory

1. Introduction

Tales of Hulan River is one of the representative works written by a Chinese writer Hsiao Hung, who is regarded as the Goddess of the Luohe River in the 1930s. Apart from being selected as one of the 100 excellent Chinese books from 1900 to 1999 in 1999, Tales of Hulan River also ranked ninth among the top 100 of Chinese novels in the 20th century in an event hosted by Asia Week together with scholars throughout the world. Hsiao Hung has skilled techniques and unique stylistic writing style, known as “Hsiao Hung Style”. In Tales of Hulan River, Hsiao Hung recollects the local folklores and her happy childhood days in a natural and fresh writing style, showing readers a picture about her hometown located in northeast China.

The unfailing popularity of Hsiao Hung’s works in the international community is attributed to Professor Howard Goldblatt who has studied Hsiao Hung for nearly 40 years. Due to the fact that few researches on the English version have been done, it is of great significance to study the English version of this renowned literary work to fill the gaps.

As is known to all, translation can help target readers to precisely grasp the meaning of contents. Translation Variation Theory furnishes a valid solution to these problems. Over the past years, there have been remarkable achievements in the studies on literacy translation, while there still being some deficiencies and gaps which should be filled. Some study fields are seldom touched. Translation Variation Theory is an emerging native theory put forward by Professor Huang Zhonglian. He argues that this theory is widely applicable to various kinds of works such as technical materials, scientific periodicals and literary works.

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