On the Application of Functional Communicative Teaching Approach in English Teaching毕业论文_英语毕业论文

On the Application of Functional Communicative Teaching Approach in English Teaching毕业论文


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当前,中国的英语教育是一种应试教育,课堂以教师为中心,采取的是“填鸭式”教学, 缺少有利于语言学习的真实环境。在这种教学模式下,学生基本上都处于被动学习的状态,严重缺乏实际的语言交际能力。而功能交际教学法具有以意义为中心、以学习者为课堂中心、具有课堂教学真实性以及注重培养学生综合能力等特点,已被证实是解决上述存在问题最有效的方法之一。为了有效地运用这一教学方法,我们需要做到以下几点:一是转换老师和学生的课堂角色;二是提高以意义为中心的教学;三是将交际性活动融入课堂;四是在教学中培养学生的综合能力。



1 Introduction————————————————————————————-1

2 Demonstration———————————————————————————-2

2.1 An overview of the basic principles of functional communicative teaching approach——————————————————————————————2

2.1.1 The theoretical basis ———————————————————————- 2

2.1.2 Basic principles————————————————————————— -3

2.2 The necessity of functional communicative teaching approach application——– -4

2.3 The application of functional communicative teaching approach———————-6

2.3.1Transformation of both the teachers’ and students’ roles——————————-6

2.3.2 Promotion of meaning-focused teaching and learning———————————7

2.3.3 Integration of communicative activities into the classroom—————————8

2.3.4 Cultivation of integrated skills in teaching———————————————–9

3 Conclusion—————————————————————————————-10

Works Cited—————————————————————————————–12


On the Application of Functional Communicative Teaching Approach in English Teaching

1 Introduction

With the development of globalization, English has become the lingua franca and cross-cultural communication is becoming ever-increasingly frequent, so English study has become a trend and is taken by more and more people. However, many problems can be found in current English teaching and learning in China, which is an examination-oriented, teacher-centered, duck-cramming type of teaching with an acquisition-poor environment. Under such a kind of teaching, the students are used to writing down what teachers have written on the blackboard without any thinking and the atmosphere of classroom is very boring and unattractive. As a result, the teaching effect is low and the students generally lack pragmatic communicative competence. Then, how to solve this problem? Many linguists put forward their methods and functional communicative teaching approach is one of the effective methods to deal with the problem.

The functional communicative teaching approach can be dated back to the 1970s. At that time, England was the center of the community and English was the most significant means of communication. For strengthening the communication and cooperation of member countries, the community set about organizing related people to reform English teaching and worked out a unified teaching outline. In 1972, the American linguist D.A.Wilkin wrote a report to put forward the definition of language information communication, which became the basis of the development of his communicative teaching outline. In 1978, Johnson and Morrow revised Communication in Class together and proposed the theory and practice of functional communicative teaching approach. Then this approach was accepted by many linguists and got widespread in the middle and later periods of the 1980s. It has made profound impact on the foreign educational area.

As teaching practices have demonstrated, the application of the functional communicative approach in English teaching can not only promote the efficiency and

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