Characteristic Words’ Translation Analysis of Chinese Government Work Report Based on Functional Equivalence毕业论文_英语毕业论文

Characteristic Words’ Translation Analysis of Chinese Government Work Report Based on Functional Equivalence毕业论文


摘 要

当今世界,中国在国际社会上扮演者重要的角色,也就不可避免的陷入冲突和误解之中,急需有效的沟通。由于政府工作报告紧跟时代并且其内容涵盖中国的各个方面,因此成为世界了解中国的一个重要且有效窗口,众所周知,奈达的功能对等这一理论对中国甚至整个世界的翻译都产生了巨大的影响。因此,本文从奈达功能对等理论的角度研究政府工作报告中中国特色词汇的英汉翻译。本文由四部分组成,第一部分简单介绍文章研究的背景及意义,第二部分详细介绍了翻译家尤金奈达及其翻译理论,第三部分,也是本文最为重要的部分,此部分基于功能对等理论分别对涉及政治、经济、文化、民生 以及四字格的词汇进行分析,同时也介绍了一些翻译方法,第四部分则是总结此文,点明其不足并对未来进步一研究提供了些许建议。



1. Introduction ———————————————————————————————–1

1.1. Background of the study ————————————————————————— 1

1.2. Significance of the study ————————————————————————— 2

    1. . Overall structure of the thesis——————————————————————— 2

2. Demonstration———————————————————————————————2

2.1. Introduction of Nida’s Functional Equivalence Theory————————————2

2.1.1. Introduction of Nida and Nida’s translation concepts————————————3

2.1.2. Definition and explanation of the functional Equivalence Theory——————-4

2.1.3. Contributions and criticisms of the Functional Equivalence Theory—————-5

2.2. Study on lexical items with Chinese Characteristics in 2016 GW based on Functional Equivalence Theory————————————————————————–6

2.2.1. Lexical items related with politics————————————————————- 7

2.2.2. Lexical items related with economy———————————————————- 8

2.2.3. Lexical items related with culture ————————————————————-9

2.2.4. Lexical items related with people’s wellbeing——————————————– 9

2.2.5 Lexical items related with four-character expressions———————————–10

3. Conclusion————————————————————————————————11

3.1. Summary of the thesis—————————————————————————— 11

3.2. Limitations of the thesis—————————————————————————-11

3.3. Suggestions for future researches—————————————————————-12

Works Cited ————————————————————————————-13


Translation Analysis of Characteristic Words’ in Chinese Government Report Based on Functional Equivalence

1. Introduction

1.1 background of the study

Nowadays, China plays a more and more indispensable role in international world. As the second largest economy in the world, china has already become a vitally important engine which can drive the world economic growth. Many developed countries, including American, take initiative action to cooperate with China and the emerging countries all hope to strengthen the relationships with China. We can say that China has become a force that can not be ignored in keeping peace and promoting common advancement.

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