On the Impacts of Private Tutoring on Middle School Students English Learning毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

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本文将通过实证调查,从师资水平、教材选用、教学内容以及教学方法四个方面分析当前英语课堂教学与英语课外辅导的现状,探讨英语辅导热的原因以及课外辅导对中学生英语学习的影响,目的是充分体现其作为“影子教育”的作用, 使学校、家长、学生对课外辅导有正确的认识。



  1. Introduction 1
    1. Background of the research 1
    2. Significance of the research 1
    3. Structure of the thesis 2
  2. Demonstration 2
    1. Literature review 3
      1. Studies abroad 3
      2. Studies at home 4
    2. Method 4
      1. Research questions 4
      2. Participants 5
      3. Tools 6
      4. Procedure 7
    3. Results and Discussion 7
      1. Reasons of private tutoring fever 7
      2. Differences between private tutoring and school teaching 12
      3. Problems in private tutoring and school teaching 14
      4. Influences on middle school English learning 19
  3. Conclusion 23

Bibliography 25

Appendix 27

On the Impacts of Private Tutoring on Middle School Students English Learning


Background of the research

Rapid development of economic will in turn raise the level of the national education. However, the development of education must go through a lot of difficulties, especially the development of English education. According to the recommendations and requirements of the new curriculum reform that “English as a compulsory lesson should be taught in principle from the grade three of elementary school except those schools who have better teaching equipment can start English teaching from first grade’’. The discipline of English is not equal to the status of Chinese and Mathematics in the primary school curriculum before 2001. At the same time, there are some problems among schools that can’t be solved at once, such as the equipment of teaching facilities, the level of the teaching staff as well as the improvement of the teaching level and so on. As a result, parents and students begin to seek remedial education outside school in order to get a better education.

With the changes of the society and the rising of the social demands, students begin to restrain themselves with higher standard; as a result, they have a strong desire for knowledge, especially English, which increases the proportion of investment in education. Besides, with the changes of National Matriculation English Test paper, English tests have gradually focused on the ability of language using rather than language knowledge, so the core of learning English have changed at the same time, which has led to the emergence of more private tutoring, aiming at meeting the the needs of most students and new change.

Significance of the research

At present, as a complement of school English teaching, English private tutoring

is popular among the world. However, the social responses to the private tutoring are mixed. On one hand, our tutorial system is not perfect; on the other hand, disorder “shadow education” market will result in a low quality of English training center, the tutoring Center, and home tutor.

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