Cultural Conflicts in Conception as Reflected in the Movie Guasha Treatment毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

摘 要

电影《刮痧》以传统中医疗法为焦点反映了中美文化冲突,体现了中美文化 在儿童教育、医疗理念、人际关系以及法律观念等诸方面的差异。中式的填鸭式 教育不能激发孩子的学习兴趣,而美式教育更注重孩子个性化的发展。传统的中 医治疗注重人身体内部的平衡,而西方医学则基于科学研究。在中国人看来,保 护家人和帮助朋友既是一种责任也是一种义务,美国人则更加注重事实依据。美 国人有强烈的法律意识,而且利用法律维权已成为他们生活中不可或缺的一部分。相比较而言,中国人的法律意识却是十分的薄弱。要解决这些跨文化交际问题, 重要的是尊重文化差异,努力培养跨文化意识。

关键词:《刮痧》; 文化差异; 冲突; 跨文化意识


  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 1
    1. The movie Guasha Treatment 1
      1. Plot of the movie 1
      2. An overview of cultural conflicts in the movie 2
    2. Conflicts in concepts reflected by the movie 3
      1. Children ’s education 3
      2. Medical treatment 5
      3. Interpersonal relationship 6
        1. Kinship in family 6
        2. Friendship in society 6
      4. Legal concept 7
        1. Filing a lawsuit 7
        2. Giving a false testimony 8
    3. Implications for cultural integration 8
      1. Respecting cultural differences 8
      2. Enhancing intercultural awareness 9
  3. Conclusion 10

Works cited 11

Bibliography 12

Cultural Conflicts in Conception as Reflected in the Movie Guasha Treatment


With a history about 50 years, the study of cross-cultural communication first started in the United States. And since a well-known American anthropologist Edward

T. Hall published a book named The Silent Language in 1959, intercultural communication has been prosperous. As it is, his work had a profound influence on the study of intercultural communication (Hu,2002:19).

The reason why people have enthusiasm about the issue of intercultural

communication is just as what Samovar started in the rationale of his book Communication between cultures: worldwide interest in cross-cultural communication grows out of two assumptions. First, we live in an age when changes in various aspects have created a world in which we increasingly interact with people from different cultures. Second, those interactions will continue to increase in both frequency and intensity since the world has grown so small that we all depend on each other now (Samovar amp; Porter, 2000).

This thesis, taking the movie Guasha Treatment as an example, aims at studying the cultural conflicts in conception. First, it will introduce the brief plot of the movie Guasha Treatment. Then, by the enlightenment of the movie Guasha Treatment, the thesis will analyze the reasons for cultural conflicts between China and America from the perspective of children’ education, medical treatment, interpersonal relationship and legal concept. At last, some suggestions about intercultural communications will be given.


    1. The Movie Guasha Treatment
      1. Plot of the movie

The movie is adapted from the story of a contemporary immigrant family in

America. The entire process takes place in America, and the movie has a large number of English dialogues which account for most of the movie length.

The family live in St. Louis, a city of the Midwestern United States along the Mississippi River and they have been here for eight years. The protagonist Datong Xu is a successful computer game designer and has a happy family. In the Annual General Assembly, he receives the industry award and excitedly tells everyone that he loves America, where he has realized his American dream.

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