A Study on Text Consciousness in English Writing of Non – English Majors毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

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本研究以 45 名非英语专业大四大学生为研究对象,分别对他们进行了写作和问卷调查,采用定性和定量分析,研究影响他们写作过程中篇章意识强弱的因素。拟回答以下三个研究问题:

  1. 非英语专业大学生的英语写作篇章意识程度如何?
  2. 影响非英语专业大学生的英语写作篇章意识的因素有哪些?
  3. 如何培养非英语专业大学生的英语写作篇章意识?




  1. Introduction 1
    1. Research Background 1
    2. Significance of the Research 2
    3. Structure of the Thesis 3
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. Literature Review 4
      1. Studies abroad 4
      2. Studies at home 5
    2. Methodology 6
      1. Research Questions 6
      2. Participants 7
      3. Procedure 7
      4. Results 8
    3. Discussion 14
      1. The level of text consciousness 14
      2. The main factors affecting the text consciousness 15
      3. The ways of cultivating the text consciousness 15
  3. Conclusion 16

Works Cited 18

Bibliography 19

Appendix I 21

Appendix II 22

Appendix III 25

A Study on Text Consciousness in English Writing of Non - English Majors

    1. Research Background

In recent years, English writing teaching of non-English majors has received more and more attention. With the new curriculum reform continuously deepening, the concept of English education in our country has changed a lot. New Horizon English requires that the overall goal of the college English course is to cultivate the students' comprehensive ability to use the language on the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In order to lay a foundation for future language learning, students need to form a comprehensive language ability of writing with more practice. Based on the social needs and cognitive development for college students, writing objectives are described below: firstly, students need to write abstracts based on the articles reading; secondly, students should be able to write essays or reports based on the information by words and graphics; thirdly, students need to write a coherent and structured essay; last but not least, students need to make sentences fluent when writing. (Chen,1994)

However, judging by the current situation in our country, there are still many

problems in English writing that need to be concerned about, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Firstly,it is lack of knowledge about English that accounts for the reason non -

English majors do not learn English with text consciousness very well. Therefore, what shows in front of us was that the students do not have strong basic knowledge, enough vocabulary, fully mastered grammar system and correct use of verb tense. What’s worse, their accumulation of language material is weak and the sentence structure is not clear, with Chinese expressions and the illogical structure of the article appearing.

Secondly, English is one of the necessary courses for college students and writing is one of the four basic skills in English learning. It is students' attitude that plays an important role in foreign-related work and postgraduate study. However, many non-English majors do not have much interest, correct attitude, and enough confidence to learn English well, which often leads them to ignoring the improvement of English writing.

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