An Analysis of Subtitle Translation in Titanic from the Perspective of Relevance Theory毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

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  1. Introduction -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1

1.1 Literature Review ---------------------------------------------------------------------------1

1.2 Significance ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------2

2. Demonstration---------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

2.1 Relevance Theory ---------------------------------------------------------------------------3

2.2 Relevance Theory and Subtitle Translation----------------------------------------------4

2.3 Case Study——Titanic---------------------------------------------------------------------6

2.3.1 Brief Introduction to Titanic-------------------------------------------------------------6

2.3.2 Methods in Subtitle Translation---------------------------------------------------------6 Omission---------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Free Translation-------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Domestication---------------------------------------------------------------------------9

3 Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11

Works Cited-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13

Bibliography ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14

An Analysis of Subtitle Translation in Titanic from the Perspective of Relevance Theory

1 Introduction

With the rapid development of economy, cultural globalization has made films become one of the most popular ways for cultural communication. The introduction of foreign films not only promotes intercultural communication among countries, but also contributes to the development of national culture and film industry. Therefore, highly restored subtitle translation is indispensable.

1.1 Literature Review

In the West, Relevance Theory is a cognitive pragmatic theory, which has great influence on translation. According to some tentative researches about language communication, Sperber and Wilson proposed it from the perspective of cognitive science in Relevance: communication and cognition (1986-1995). The first principle of relevance is Cognitive Principle. Human cognition always coincides with the largest relevance. The second principle of relevance is Communicative Principle. Every direct display of communicative behavior should be the optimal relevance with the core concern. Gutt, the student of Wilson, published a doctoral thesis Translation and Relevance: Cognition and Context in 1991. His theory influenced and improved people's understandings of translation, which proves the strong explanatory power of Revence Theory. A book called The Translator's Invisibility: A History of Translation, written by Lawrence Venuti, published in 2004, futher proves that Relevance Theory applies to the research of translation. Since the first thesis about Relevance Theory, most scholars have achieved great success in this area. Among them, the most famous thesis is Cognitive-Pragmatic Theory of Simultaneous Interpretation in 1988. Robin Setton's research has been acknowledged as one of the theses which made greatest breakthrough in simultaneous interpretation area during recent ten years. Besides, University College London publishes magazine yearly, Working Papers In Linguistics, which covers lots of articles about translation and Relevance Theory.

In the domestic researches, many scholars probe into the issue about whether the subtitle translation of English film accords with Relevance Theory. Zhao (1999) once discussed it in her paper that according to relevance theory, translation can be defined as the ostensive-inferential activities in the interlingual or intra-lingual context. Through the study of Relevance Theory, Professor He and Ran think, in order to achieve the success of communication, firstly we should understand each other, that is to say, mutual understanding, and then look for the best cognitive model: Relevance(1998). What's more, from the perspective of subtitle translation techniques, Wang Yifei and Zou Xiaoyan demonstrated the importance of relevance theory to film subtitle translation and the great explanatory power of Relevance Theory(2011).

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