Trauma and Salvation in The Remains of the Day----From the Perspective of Traumatic Theory毕业论文_英语毕业论文

Trauma and Salvation in The Remains of the Day—-From the Perspective of Traumatic Theory毕业论文


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  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 3
    1. An Introduction to the Trauma Theory 3
    2. Traumas of Stevens in The Remains of the Day 4
      1. Stevens’ Trauma Caused by his Incomplete Family 4
      2. Stevens’ Trauma Resulted from his Personal Experiences 5
      3. Stevens’ Trauma Induced by his Blind Pursuit of Dignity 7
      4. Stevens’ Trauma Generated from the Decline of the British Empire 8
    3. Trauma Recovery of Stevens in The Remains of the Day 9
      1. Stevens’ Transference of Physical Space 9
      2. Stevens’ Confession of Traumatic Past 10
      3. Stevens’ Re-connection of Oneself and Other People 11
  3. Conclusion 12

Works Cited 13

Bibliography 14

Trauma and Recovery in The Remains of the Day


Kazuo Ishiguro, the Nobel Prize winner and one of the most important immigrant writers in contemporary Britain, was awarded a lot of gorgeous prizes and enjoyed extensive popularity among Europe, America and Asia. The Remains of the Day, published in 1988, won him the 1989 Booker Prize, the British’s top literary award. He also wrote many excellent works, to name only a few, The Unconsoled (1995), Never Let Me Go (2005) and The Buried Giant (2015).

As Kazuo Ishiguro’s best-selling novel, The Remains of the Day takes us along Stevens’ s “motoring trip” to revisit Miss Kenton: from Darlington House to countryside, on the path to reflecting on his unswerving loyalty to Lord Darlington, his blind pursuit of dignity and his regret of the relationship with Miss Kenton and his father.

As an international writer, Ishiguro always combines time and space with equivocal narration based on historical backgrounds, such as the second World War, Nagasaki bomb attack, which characterizes his novels. Since 1960, Ishiguro’s family have emigrated to Britain and never turned back to Japan until 1989. Later, he acknowledged the alienation and regret stemmed from his childhood experience which exerted a great influence on his writing with the aim of unleashing melancholy and trauma. Additionally, the social work of Glasgow charity exposed him to the acquaintance with the under-privileged with psychological illness in society, which served as material of the traumatic character description in his works.

According to Kazuo Ishiguro’s work, domestic and abroad researches mainly focus on post colonization, new historicism, psychoanalysis, unreliable narration and the lack of identity. Carol Oates wrote “among of us, Kazuo Ishiguro is best at elucidating the theme of ‘loss’.” Salman Rushdie, an English writer, regarded it as “a graceful and cruel story.” As a masterpiece that makes Kazuo Ishiguro renowned over the world, The Remains of the Day has received wide critical attention and been studied from different

perspectives: character analysis, post-colonialism, psychological analysis, narrative

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