An Analysis of Corresponding Image in Ligeia毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of Corresponding Image in Ligeia毕业论文


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  1. Introduction 1
  2. Demonstration 2
    1. The corresponding image of death and rebirth 2
      1. The formation of death image 3
      2. The formation of rebirth image 3
    2. The corresponding image of emotional changes 4
      1. The passionate love 5
      2. The degenerate love 6
    3. The corresponding image of color and environment 7
      1. The brilliant color 7
      2. The desolate environment 8
    4. The significance of corresponding image in Ligeia 9
  3. Conclusion 9

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Bibliography 12

An Analysis of Corresponding Image in Ligeia


Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) was an American writer, poet, editor and literary critic, who came from a family of Boston actors. His father, who abandoned the family in 1810, fell into drunkenness because of the tight finances and the failure of his career, and his mother died the following year. His brother and his sister, including him, were adopted by different families. Such family situation makes the most common kinship become the most difficult to get on him. Therefore, the lack of affection is often expressed in Poe’s works. Although a person’s emotional world or emotional behavior is not necessarily related to his words, there is more or less a connection. Poe’s emotional experience at least partially reflects his inner world, and his story Ligeia strongly reflects his emotional world.

Ligeia tells the story of the narrator’s desire to reunite with the dead lover Ligeia from a limited first-person perspective. The narrator was very enamored of his ex-wife, Ligeia, who was beautiful and intelligent but unfortunately died. The narrator was miserable, and moved to the abandoned monastery in the wilderness and married his second British wife Rowena. Unexpectedly, the second month after the marriage, Rowena began to get sick. Although she was cured for the first time, not long afterwards the condition was more and more serious. Rowena finally died, but the dead body was full of vitality. Her lips moved slightly, and the color began to return to her face. After several times of “backing from the death” ( 马 149), Rowena was resurrected into the

narrator’s dead lover Ligeia, who was in his thoughts all along. In Ligeia, closely

focusing on the theme, Poe promotes the story with the plot as the main line, and creates a frightening atmosphere of terror by describing the characters and the environment with unique writing techniques. First of all, the characters in Ligeia are different from ordinary people in spirit, which can make people feel fear subconsciously. Secondly, the author uses a lot of florid words to describe the interior and exterior environment of the monastery and the furnishings in the room. The tone of the description is dark and

depressing, which gives people a sense of horror and grotesqueness. Finally, Poe’s narrative method is made from the perspective of the first-person, just like the subjective shot in the film, which enables the readers to enter the horrible scenes with the narrator’s perspective and get a more real scary experience.

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