A Comparative Study of Feminism in Thunderstorm and The Story of an Hour毕业论文_英语毕业论文

A Comparative Study of Feminism in Thunderstorm and The Story of an Hour毕业论文


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1. Introduction 1

2. Demonstration 2

2.1. Brief information about feminism 2

2.2. Comparison between the two heroines of the two works 4

2.2.1. Similarities between Fan Yi and Louise Marald 4

2.2.2. Differences between Fan Yi and Louise Marald 6

2.3 The feminism messages conveyed in two works 7

2.3.1 The feminism messages conveyed in Thunderstorm 7 Fan Yi’s desire for woman’s liberation 7 Fan Yi’s resistance consciousness 9

2.3.2 The feminism messages conveyed in The Story of an Hour 11 Louise Marald’s longing for freedom 11 Louise Marald’s awakening of female consciousness 13

3. Conclusion 15

Works Cited 17

Bibliography 18

A Comparative Study of Feminism

in Thunderstorm and The Story of an Hour

  1. Introduction

Cao Yu is a Chinese dramatist and drama educator whose real name is Wan Jiabao. Cao Yu’s mother died early, and his stepmother loved drama, so she often took Cao Yu to watch opera and civilized drama. In 1928, Cao Yu was promoted to the Department of Political Science of Nankai University. In 1929, he was transferred to the Department of Western Literature of Tsinghua University. But most of the time he was in the library to greedily study the world-famous works, especially the Greek tragedy and the theatrical works of Shakespeare, O’Neill, Chekhov and others. He felt that “the society must be changed”, so he wanted to “find a road” to solve the “serious problems” he felt in Chinese society. But after reading these philosophical works, the answer was still “hard to think about” (曹禺 30). His persistent and enthusiastic pursuit spirit was melted into his early works, which strengthened the ideological connotation and appeal of his works. In 1933, Cao Yu completed his first drama Thunderstorm. With the two scenes and the plot development in less than twenty-four hours, the drama focuses on three decades of enmity and resentment between the Zhou and the Lu family. Fan Yi, the heroine of Thunderstorm, is Zhou Puyuan’s wife, a beautiful but eccentric young woman. She has no love, no happiness, and even loses her dignity. There is melancholy in her eyes and fire in her heart. After Zhou Ping, Zhou Puyuan’s illegitimate son, breaks into her life, she no longer silently endures loneliness. She gives her love, reputation, and even life to Zhou Ping. She loves Zhou Ping wildly regardless of “incest.” In the desperate rebellion and struggle for the freedom of love, Fan Yi effectively tears up and smashes the “perfect” order of the family that Zhou Puyuan has deliberately established.

Kate Chopin, an American female writer, created two novels: Blame (also 1translated as Fault) (1890) and Awakening (1899). The characters in her novels are usually residents of Luisiana, and most of the works are related to Natchhi in the north-central part of Luisiana. At that time, literary critics thought that Chopin always expressed her concern for women in her works. Living in the latter half of the 19th century, she was praised as one of the pioneers of American feminist literature. The Story of an Hour was published in VOGUE in 1894. It is Kate Chopin’s most famous short story which describes the heroine Louis Marald’s emotional ups and downs in an hour after hearing the news of her husband’s death in a train accident.

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