Identity Crisis in a Post-Industrial Society—-Body Writings in Don Dellilo’s Cosmopolis毕业论文

 2021-04-02 11:04

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  1. Introduction 7
  2. Demonstration 9
    1. Writings of the confined body 9
      1. Human body confined to the car 9
      2. Human body confined to the dress 11
    2. Writings of the unhealthy body 12
      1. Insomnia: constantly flowing currency 12
      2. Asymmetric prostate: the anxiety to the body 13
    3. Writings of the digitalized body 14
      1. Digitalizing the future: the deferred present 14
      2. Digitalizing the mind: transcending the mortal body 15
  3. Conclusion 17

Works Cited 18

Bibliography 19

Identity Crisis in a Post-Industrial Society

----Body Writings in Don Dellilo’s Cosmopolis


As one of the most important contemporary writers in America, Don Delillo has been granted various awards and nominated for many at home and aboard, which not only proves the fabulous reception of his works but also represents that his acute intelligence touches the heart of America’s social reality. Born on November 20, 1936 and brought up in a working-class Italian Catholic family, Delillo, a descent of Italian migrants, has witnessed the great change of American society in the increasing globalization and deeply reveals the consequence of it, such as environment degradation-----the spill of toxic chemical gas in white noise, the awarding novel of the National Book Award. His representative work can be divided into two period: in the 1990s, White Noise, Underworld, Libra and other works are well received; in the new millennia, the Body Artist, Cosmopolis, Falling Man and Point Omega and other works are attracting more and more attention.

Cosmopolis, which describes a one-day journey made by a billionaire asset manager Eric Parker across downtown Manhattan to get a haircut in suburb under a sudden thought, is usually regarded as a postmodern Ulysses compared to James Joyce’s masterpiece. Implanting the story of Odysseus into the context of the post-industrial society, Dellilo describes the spiritual returning journey to the inner peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the post-industrial society. The protagonist---Eric, a young successful stock broker with billions wealth, was distressed with mental troubles. Obsessed with sumptuous apartments and strict security defense system, Eric was characterized as the social elite who occupied the essential space in the stock market. Nevertheless, he was afflicted with the sense of spiritual empty and restless mind. In Cosmopolis, Eric handled with a myriad of affairs and people, which formed a coherent life or working scene chronologically with the third person point of view and monologue. Among them, body writings

deserve attention concerning that it frequently appeared in Cosmopolis. As to Eric, his

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