An Analysis of the Natural Images in the Novel Runaway毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of the Natural Images in the Novel Runaway毕业论文


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1 Introduction————————————————————————————-1

2 Demonstration———————————————————————————-2

2.1 A Brief Introduction to Imagery———————————————————–2

2.2 The epitome of plots:Three appearances of the image———————————-3

2.2.1 The Existence of Flora——————————————————————–3

2.2.2 The Dream of Flora———————————————————————–4

2.2.3 The Return of Flora———————————————————————–5

2.3 The relationship between the image and characters————————————-6

2.3.1 The relationship between Flora and Carla———————————————6

2.3.2 The relationship between Flora and Clark———————————————7

2.4 The embodiment of the theme————————————————————-7

2.4.1 The escape from male oppression——————————————————-8

2.4.2 The process of self-quest—————————————————————–8

3 Conclusion————————————————————————————–8

Work Cited—————————————————————————————10


An Analysis of the Natural Image in Runaway


Alice Munro, one of the greatest contemporary writers of fiction, won the Nobel Prize in 2013 for her magnificent efforts and contributions to modern Canadian literature and feminist movement. One of the features of Munrorsquo; s stories is her focus on the emotional life in rural Canada, especially oppressed womenrsquo; s life. That grown-up girls face the dilemma of their families and hometowns is the common theme of Alice Munrorsquo; s works.

Runaway, a book of short stories written by Alice Munro, was awarded the Giller Prize and Rogers Writerrsquo; s Trust Fiction Prize. In male-dominated stories, male characters are often described as rational, objective, active and independent subjects, while female characters are emotional, capricious, passive and dependent objects. But in Munrorsquo; s Runaway, male characters have the essence of ordinary beings while female characters are more complex with their own thoughts. The first story of Runaway has the same title. This story tells the experience that Carla, the protagonist, escapes twice in her life. The first is that Carla leaves her parentsrsquo; home in pursuit of her romantic love with Clark. In the beginning, they enjoy a free and happy time. However, the rigor of life, Clarkrsquo; s fiery temper, his despicable idea of blackmailing their neighbors as well as his indifferent attitude leads to Carlarsquo; s second runaway. When she is sitting on the bus away from her home, fear gradually replaces her courage of living independently. Finally, Carla gets off and rings Clark up.

Studies on Alice Munro started fairly late in China. The first domestic research on Alice Munro is a report in 1983, Canadian Writer Alice Munro Published the Latest Book, which refers to her theme and writing style. In 2010, Inescapable Life, Research on the female fate in Runaway, simply describes experiences of several female characters, discusses their fates and reveals the helplessness with no way to escape as well as their internal aspiration. Domestic scholars mainly focus on the narrative skill, metaphorical meaning and feminism in Munrorsquo; s works. Since she was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2013, domestic research on her works has entered a new stage, mostly from the perspective of recessive narration and female consciousness. For example, Zhang Honghua analyzed her works with a kind of unconventional theory to show the oppression on female and nature in the male-dominated society and the dependence between them for the oppressed homogeneity in The Eco-feminist Interpretation of Alice Munrorsquo; s Novels. And another academic article, The Marriage Violence and Female Growth Consciousness in Alice Munrorsquo; s Novels by Huang Furong studied the growth of female consciousness in marriage violence and revealed the deep meaning of womanrsquo; s self-pursuit.

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