An Analysis of the Natural Images in Anne of Green Gables from the Perspective of Romanticism毕业论文_英语毕业论文

An Analysis of the Natural Images in Anne of Green Gables from the Perspective of Romanticism毕业论文


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《绿山墙的安妮》是加拿大作家露西·莫德·蒙格马利于 1908 年创作的一部长篇小说。 它讲述了一个名叫安妮·雪莉的女孩被一对兄妹收养后在绿山墙的生活。故事中令人向往的美丽自然风光的描绘和其精彩的情节使得《绿山墙的安妮》在世界各地获大量读者。本文将重点研究小说《绿山墙的安妮》中出现的自然意象,并从浪漫主义的角度对其进行分析。另外,本文将帮助读者更好地了解《绿山墙的安妮》审美价值和丰富的内涵。

关键词: 安妮;《绿山墙的安妮》;自然意象;浪漫主义;自然


  1. Introduction 1

    1. A brief introduction to the novel and the author 2
    2. A brief analysis of the novel 2
  2. Demonstration 2

    1. Romanticism 2

      1. Definition of Romanticism 2
      2. Basic characteristics of Romanticism 3

        1. Presenting subjective ideals with strong lyricism 3 Admiring nature 4

    1. Natural Images 4

      1. Definition of natural images 4
      2. Functions of natural images 5

        1. Narrative function 5
        2. Structural function 6
        3. Aesthetic function 6

2.2.3 Classification of natural images 6

    1. Natural images in Anne of Green Gables 7

      1. The brook through Town Avonlea 7
      2. “The Lake of Shinning Waters” 7
      3. “The White Bride” 7
      4. “The White Way of Delight” 8
      5. “Snow Queen” 8
      6. The Barry Garden 9
  1. Conclusion 9

Works Cited 11

Bibliography 12

An Analysis of the Natural Images in Anne of Green Gables from the Perspective of Romanticism


    1. A brief introduction to the novel and the author

Anne of Green Gables is a novel written in 1908 by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. This novel created a particular heroine named Anne Shirley, being considered as “the dearest and most lovable child in fiction since the immortal Alice

(Mark twain)”, is the character from the book Anne of Green Gables, thought as a

red-headed strange orphan girl but actually full of imagination and creation. She was mistakenly sent to the middle-aged siblings named Matthew Cuthbert and Marilla Cuthbert. Later then Anne lived with them in Green Gables of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island. Written for all ages, it has been considered a classic children#39;s novel since the mid-twentieth century. Recognized as a world literary classic, ‘Anne of Green Gables’ has been put on stage, adapted into a musical, filmed into a silent, sound film; In 1985, a youth guide Kevin Sullivan adapted ‘Anne of Green Gables’ into a TV series in Canada Broadcast by the big broadcaster TV station, the number of viewers reached 5.5 million, even played on US, UK, Germany, Japan. Prince Edward Island where the story takes place in Canada has become a famous tourist attraction decades later. A novel can have such a wide and profound influence which seems a rare phenomenon in the history of literature. I believe that the writer herself did not expect it. The book was an immediate success.

The author of this novel, Lucy Maud Montgomery, was a Canadian born in Prince Edward Island of New London on November 30, 1874. Little Lucy was raised by her grandparents and lived in an old farmhouse surrounded by apple orchards. In addition of divergent farm works, Lucy get the most strict and rigid education from her grandparents. Fortunately, Prince Edward Island is one of the most beautiful

provinces in Canada where nurtured Lucy#39;s lifelong affection to nature, which has been given strongly poetic expression in her publications. Based on the popularity of Anne of Green Gables in 1908, she wrote a series of sequels to continue the story of her heroine Anne Shirley. Most of the novels were set in Prince Edward Island, and locations within Canada#39;s smallest province became a literary landmark and popular tourist site – namely Green Gables farm, the genesis of Prince Edward Island National Park. She was made an officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1935.

    1. A brief analysis of the novel

This essay concentrates on analyzing the natural images in Anne of Green Gables from the perspective of romanticism. It will briefly introduce romanticism and common natural images, then screen out some symbolic natural images under the classification of water, tree, flower from the novel Anne of Green Gables and analyse them from the perspective of Romanticism. At present, little research on the natural images in this novel Anne of Green Gables can be found. This paper aims at discovering the function of natural images and the connection between romanticism to provide better understandings and deeper study on natural images. Whatrsquo;s more, the aim of this thesis is to help reader gain better understanding about the characters, the aesthetic significance and rich connotations of the Anne of Green Gables.


    1. Romanticism

      1. Definition of Romanticism

Romanticism originated in Europe at the end of the 18th century. From the late 18th to early 19th centuries, a series of major political events took place in Europe, and in the era of industrial revolution, it had a great impact on the development of culture. In modern industrial society, individuals are separated from nature and lose their original natural and harmonious life. Therefore, people began to send love to the natural landscape and pursue the trace of past. Then literature of Romanticism was

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