Study on The Feminist Consciousness in Alice Walkers The Color Purple浅析爱丽丝沃克《紫颜色》中女性主义意识毕业论文

 2021-04-02 01:04

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Feminism is a vital part of studying the development of human society. During the new 21st century, people make active efforts to promote gender equality and women have more freedom to make their own decisions. They have dreams, and struggle untiringly to achieve those dreams. Women make a living by having jobs, and they win economic independence. They live wonderful lives, and place great emphasis on spiritual enjoyment. However, the lifestyle of black females in Alice Walker’s works is totally different. In the description of Alice Walker, females are suffering the double oppression coming from the white people and the black males. Women can’t speak for themselves, and they could even be sold just like animals. Alice Walker expresses her great sympathy for black females and calls on women to rebel and be the masters of their lives. The Color Purple is one of the representative works of Alice Walker, which greatly exposes the sufferings the black females, in the mid-19th century, bear and the awakening of their feminist consciousness. Combined feminist movement with the background of Alice Walker, this paper discusses the process of black women from resigning to fate to awakening and then fighting. At the same time, it also reveals the dark side of racial discrimination. The ideas of unity and mutual help, anti-discrimination and promoting gender equality have a positive impact on eliminating the discrimination against females and improving female position.

Key Words: Alice Walker; The Color Purple; feminism; the awakening of feminist consciousness


摘要 I

Abstract II

1 Introduction 1

2 Literature Review 3

2.1 Feminist consciousness 3

2.1.1 Feminism 3

2.1.2 Development of feminist consciousness 4

2.2 Previous Study on Alice Walker and her works 5

3 The Awakening of Feminist Consciousness in The Color Purple 7

3.1 The Awakening of Sofia 7

3.1.1 Self-determination in Marriage 7

3.1.2 Conflict with Racial Discrimination 8

3.2 The Awakening of Celie 9

3.2.1 Self-independence in Marriage 9

3.2.2 Self-independence in Economy 10

3.3 The Awakening of All the Other Women 11

3.3.1 Unity and Mutual Help 11

3.3.2 Educational Freedom of Black Women 12

4 Rebirth of Black Women 14

5 Conclusion 16

References 17

Acknowledgements 18

Study on the Awakening of Feminist Consciousness in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple

1 Introduction

With the development of the society, people pay more and more attention to human rights. Everyone is created equally. No matter what color and gender people are, they should all be treated equally. Racial discrimination and gender discrimination are the most basic denials of equal chances, and many people become the victims of those unjust phenomena. People all over the world are trying to deal with those hot potatoes.

Alice Walker is an excellent black woman writer, and she tries to use her works to help women. In the United States, people regard Alice Walker as the spokesperson of black women. Alice Walker always sides with black women. She thinks about the road for black women to be their own masters. If something doing harm to black women’s rights happens, she would point out that and protect those women. The major purpose of her writing is to struggle for females’ emancipation. The reason why Alice Walker cares so much about the rights, belonging to black women, is that she has experience about gender discrimination. She knows how the society treats women unjustly.

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