Study on the Colloquial Features of Internet Language and the Interaction试析网络语言的口语化特征及其互动毕业论文_英语毕业论文

Study on the Colloquial Features of Internet Language and the Interaction试析网络语言的口语化特征及其互动毕业论文


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Internet language is the extension of colloquial expression into the Internet in the premise of present scientific condition, as a “written” existence. Chinese Internet language now has just been developed for slightly over 20 years, previously, it is trying to completely copy what is said in mind, but as the distinct characteristics between colloquial expression and written expression gets fiercer and fiercer, changes were also undergoing, meanwhile, plus the open Internet environment , Internet language has evolved to be very differently innovative, economic, vivid and humorous from written text, promoting Internet language to take on a further development, in some aspects, even making it differ from even exceed colloquial expression, featured by deeper complication and isolation, making it only just a carnival of netizens, but also existence of linguistic value. The paper is based on the present situation of Chinese Internet language, focuses on the bound relationship of Internet language and colloquial expression, and discuss the reason of its variety in some other ways in order to comprehensively understand Internet language, in addition, makes brief statement of its development and outlook.

Key Words: Colloquialism; Internet Language; feature ;interaction


1 Introduction

2 Literature Review

2.1 Definition of Internet language

2.2 Previous study on Internet language

3 The colloquial features of Internet language

3.1 Phonetic features

3.2 Lexical Features

3.3 Features of Sentence Pattern And Structure

3.4 Social Features

4 Interaction between Colloquial Expression and Internet Language

4.1 Influences of Colloquial Expression On Internet Language

4.1.1 Richness In Words

4.1.2 Richness In Rhetorics

4.2 Influences of Internet Language On Colloquial Expression

4.2.1 Positive Influences

4.2.2 Negative Influences

5 Reasons of Diversity of Internet Language

6 Conclusions



Study on the Colloquial Features of Internet Language and Its Interaction

1 Introduction

Language is the product of human civilization, like standard language in daily life and so is Internet language on Internet, which has been developed for slightly over 20 years, but greatly promoted by a wide range of its users, and even affected language in daily use. Primitively, Internet language is created for online message exchange, which is mainly in the form of written, namely “written for speaking”, maybe too formal compared with it today, but such a basic feature remains the core of Internet language, from which all the diversity of the Internet language today can be drawn out. And now it is crowned as “social dialect on the Internet”(Cheng Yuan).

Colloquialism remains a significant part in language study, as the development of society and frequent update of technology are continuing; colloquialism has beaten written style to be a more effective and understandable way in terms of frequency, economy. Fairclough (1992) has deemed “colloquialism” as one of the five patterns of utterance democratization. Colloquialism is not a sheer linguistic phenomenon, but more deeply rooted in the development of society, so colloquialism is a very appropriate aspect to analyze Internet itself, too. And studies of colloquialism are also in a continuous and great development . Take news report as an example, colloquialism is paid close attention to, but at first , mainly on title(like Li Shuhua, 2007). Plenty of studies are limited on content, while style also remains important. Internet language has taken in many informal things which traditional literature greatly rejects, such as dialects and even marks(Fu,2008), to try its best to resemble spoken language, and modal particles are welcomed a lot, which are significant elements of colloquialism. However, Internet language, anyway, remains a kind of written language on screen, words are recognized through eyes, it can just be like talking, never able to be talking, whose power though seems a little impaired, can extend to other wonders. This paper takes Chinese Internet language as the object. A typical thing in colloquial use is homophony, closely pronounced, but distinctly meaning. Creativity of new words sustains the life force of language, and “homophony” has already played a dignitary role in the creation: shift of idioms and etc. Especially the mixture of outside reading and inside pronouncing as well as mind’s acknowledgment of both meaning, which has successfully promoted Internet language to become such an overwhelmingly popular kind, proved by hot comments of videos and music and stage comedies. Therefore, the written part of Internet language adds to figurativeness and humor (Hong, 2006). So in fact, some of the “works”, no matter as comments or talks, deserve to be treated as literary, as one part of the literary creation of Internet language. Apart from that, the Internet environment as an image of freedom, has absorbed the most wisdom, particularly of youngsters, thus benefiting study of culture in the mainstream. People are sparing no effort to spread Internet culture in their minds, and the language as basis, that is better developed. The new language is growing, and time will tell whether the development can better accept colloquialism as literature and Internet language as “classic”.

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