Different Methods, Same Success—— Forrest Gump and Xu Sanduo Family Education Comparison毕业论文

 2021-04-02 12:04

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关键词: 阿甘;许三多;中美家庭教育


With the rapid development of society, the education of young people has become a hot topic. As a result, the films about family education have emerged in recent years, among which Forrest Gump and Soldier Sortie are widely popular with the people all over the world. Although Gump’s IQ doesn’t reach the normal level, he never gives up, achieves the hush time of his life and leads a more successful life than ordinary persons with the good family education from his mother; Xu Sanduo also looks stupid, however, under the influence of his father, he tries his best to pursue his dream, find the value of life and leads a meaningful life in the end. Seen from the two films, two totally different family educations result in the same success of them. This paper is divided into four parts: the first part introduces the current situation and the differences of Chinese and American family education. The second part focuses on the similarity of Gump’s and Xu Sanduo’s family education from the aspects of single parent, healthy growth and pure heart. The third part analyzes the teaching modes, principles of making friends and different targets of the differences of Gump’s and Xu Sanduo’s family education. The last part not only presents the success of Gump and Xu Sanduo in the movie but also demonstrates their achievement in the reality.

Keywords: Gump; Xu Sanduo; Chinese amp; American family education


1 Introduction 1

2 Differences of American amp; Chinese family educations 2

2.1 The Differences 2

2.1.1 The purposes of family education 2

2.1.2 The approaches of family education 3

2.1.3 The results of family education 4

2.2 The Primary Causes of the Differences 4

3 Similarity of Xu Sanduo’s and Gump’s family education 5

3.1 Single parent 5

3.2 Healthy growth 6

3.3 Pure Heart 6

4 Differences of Xu Sanduo’s and Gump’s family education 8

4.1 Teaching modes 8

4.1.1 Criticism 8

4.1.2 Praise 9

4.2 Principles of making friends 10

4.2.1 No bias 10

4.2.2 Good faith 11

4.3 Different targets 12

4.3.1 Try bravely 12

4.3.2 Pursue clingingly 12

5 The same success 14

6 Conclusions 16

References 17

Acknowledgments 18

Different Methods, Same Success

—— Forrest Gump and Xu Sanduo Family Education Comparison

1 Introduction

In all ages, no matter where you are from, no matter what you do, family education is always an eternal and the most important topic when it comes to someone’s education in his entire life which consists of family education, school education and society education. The family influence can’t be replaced by school or society. When you have not set foot on the real world, family education has begun, which benefits your future. For example, some appropriate music will stimulate the baby’s auditory sense, which benefits the baby’s language system to a large extent. After your birth, family set about playing a more significant role in the process of your growing up. The family member examples, the words around you, the behavior of family members and so on, all of these are the elements which will influence you in the whole life. The children who don’t have mature thoughts are easily affected by the human around them. At the moment, family education emerges its significance. The parents would try their best to normalize the kids’ behavior and their ideas in order to make sure they choose a right way to success. All above, the saying can be proved that family education is the basis of success. Recently, people always pay attention to family education and the country takes some measures as well, thus some film directors are advocated to direct some movies about education, result in a great number of movie whose topic is about family education, which guide parents how to teach their children. Such as the American film Forrest Gump, the Chinese TV shows Soldiers Sortie are popular with parents from all over the world. Both of them are about the education, although they use different methods, the major characters achieve their own hush time in their lives. The two shows reveal different topics in different ways, however, both of the good endings of the characters are attributed to the good family education. That’s why people like the two shows so much, which express a stream of positive ideas.

2 Differences of American amp; Chinese family educations

Regardless of where we are, what we do and when we are born, family education is always a hot topic. However, because of the regional divergences, the culture, the views of value and the thinking modes vary from country to country, resulting in the different purposes, methods and results of family education. The different educations breed the same successful famous people surprisingly. It is worthwhile for us to study it in depth, compare them in the essence and find the advantages and disadvantages in order to improve the quality of education.

2.1 The Differences

Due to geographical and cultural differences, it leads to a large difference of Chinese and American family education method, which is mainly embodied in the purposes, approaches and results of education. In contrast, family education between the two countries has their own respective characteristics. Thus, most American and Chinese people learn from each other. They succeed to educate their children with counterpart’s approaches.

2.1.1 The purposes of family education

Generally speaking, China is a miraculous country, which is the only country in the world which culture is passed down without interruption. That is to say, China is of a long history so that the culture has a profound foundation. Since the ancient time, the Chinese parents educate their children in a groovy mode. They place such great hopes on their children that they wish their kids are more excellent than others. They attach too much significance on the kids’ study to ignore their mental health. (Huang, 2009) They think after their kids, let them try their best to do well in the study, everything will become smooth. To create a better life for their children, they will be at any cost. Such as, in the Soldier Sortie, Xu Sanduo’s father forces him to study hard and join the army, only because he thinks it benefits Xu Sanduo’s future life. In conclusion, Chinese family education is a mode of cramming for a good life in the future. It focuses on the process.

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