Critical Discourse Analysis of the Reports about the Trade War from Chinese and American Mainstream Media 对中美主流媒体对于贸易战新闻报道的批评性话语分析毕业论文_英语毕业论文

Critical Discourse Analysis of the Reports about the Trade War from Chinese and American Mainstream Media 对中美主流媒体对于贸易战新闻报道的批评性话语分析毕业论文


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Linguistics is of great importance for the English major. Critical discourse analysis (CDA), as a branch of linguistics, is an emerging subject in recent decades. Numerous scholars proposed their own methods to conduct the CDA in the past four decades, such as the social-cognitive theory, social-cultural theory and the historical theory. As for this paper, Fairclough’s Three-dimensional model and Halliday’s Systemic-Functional Grammar will be adopted as the framework and analysis tool respectively. The purpose of this study is to unveil the hidden ideologies and insight the similarities and diversities in linguistic forms of the China and US media concerning the theme of the trade war. Twelve pieces of news from China Daily and The Washington Post are selected as the representatives to conduct the analysis. The finding of this study indicates that the linguistic forms of China Daily and The Washington Post vary in their preferences. Further, the different ideologies of China and the US towards the trade war are also embodied on the reports. All of the findings denote that the news media are not as objective as they claimed.

Key Words: critical discourse analysis; news media; trade war; ideology


Chapter One Introduction 1

1.1 Research Background 1

1.2 Research Significance 2

1.3 Research Questions 3

1.4 Outline 3

Chapter Two Critical Discourse Analysis 4

2.1 Definition of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) 4

2.2 Development of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) 4

2.2.1 Introduction to CDA 4

2.2.2 Studies Abroad 5

2.2.3 Studies at Home 5

2.3 Language, Power and Ideology 6

2.3.1 Language 7

2.3.2 Power 7

2.3.3 Ideology 7

Chapter Three Theoretical Framework 9

3.1 Halliday’s Systemic-Functional Grammar(SFG) 9

3.1.1 Ideational Function 9

3.1.2 Interpersonal Function 11

3.1.3 Textual Function 12

3.2 Fairclough’s Three-dimensional Model 12

3.2.1 Description 13

3.2.2 Interpretation 13

3.2.3 Explanation 14

Chapter Four A Comparative CDA of News Reports on Sino-US Trade War 15

4.1 Data Selection 15

4.2 Description 16

4.2.1 Lexical Classification 16

4.2.2 Transitivity Analysis 21

4.2.3 Modality Analysis 25

4.2 Interpretation 27

4.2.1 News Source 27

4.2.2 Reporting Modes 28

4.3 Explanation 30

4.3.1 Institutional Context 30

4.3.2 Social and Cultural Context 30

Chapter Five Conclusion 32

5.1 Major Findings 32

5.2 Limitations 33

References 34

Appendix 36

Acknowledgement 38

Critical Discourse Analysis of the News Report on Sino-US Trade War from Chinese and American Mainstream Media

Chapter One Introduction

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