A Probe Study of D•H•Lawrence’s Ambivalence to the Mother in Son and Lovers 劳伦斯在《儿子与情人》中对母亲的双重情感探究毕业论文

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As a prolific and controversial literary master in the 20th century English literature, D·H·Lawrence’s not only literary works but personal lives has been studied a lot. Sons and Lovers, written in 1913, is generally regarded as one of Lawrence's most representative works. The same as the other works of Lawrence, this novel revolves around the development of the relationship between the mother and the sons. So far researches based on Lawrence mostly focus on the Oedipus Complex shown in his literary works, and few notice the hatred for the mother hidden behind the Oedipus Complex. This paper will deeply discuss the ambivalence of love and hatred to the mother by analyzing the character Mrs. Morel, who has dedicated almost all of her life to the upbringing of her sons. However, it is the burdensome mother love that causes her son Paul’s tragic experience and psychic pain in his personal love life.

Key Words: D·H·Lawrence; Sons and Lovers; Mrs. More; Paul Morel; The ambivalence to the mother


1 Introduction 6

2 Character analysis: Mrs. Morel and Paul Morel 7

2.1Mrs. Morel 7

2.2 Paul Morel 10

3 The relationship between the mother and the son 12

3.1 The son to the mother 12

3.2 The mother to the son 13

Conclusions 17

References 18

Acknowledgements 19

A Probe Study of D·H·Lawrence’s Ambivalence to the Mother in Sons and Lovers

1 Introduction

As a prolific and controversial literary master in the 20th century English literature, D·H·Lawrence has been studied a lot. He preferred writing about gender relations, and he created two doctrines for this topic. One is women’s self-dependence and the other is the liberation of women’s sexual desire. He is well-known for his novels Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow, Women in Love and Lady Chatterley's Lover. Sons and Lovers was written in 1913 and it is regarded as a masterpiece and Lawrence's finest achievement by many critics. It is believed that this novel best shows Lawrence’s language features and writing styles. Therefore, studying Sons and Lovers may better enable the readers to deepen the knowledge and understanding about D·H·Lawrence.

Sons and Lovers, published in 1913, tells the story of Paul Morel, a young man and budding artist. Some critics regard it as a semi-autobiography of Lawrence. In 1919, Sons and Lovers was ranked ninth in the list of the 100 best novels of the 20th century by the Modern Library. Some people treat Sons and Lovers as a “guide book” for women because of Lawrence’s excellent descriptions of women’s living states and mental activities. Apart from the gender relations, Sons and Lovers presents another relations for the reader: the relation between the mother and the son.

The first part of Sons and Lovers does not point straightly at the protagonist Paul. It describes his parents’ lives before the birth of Paul mostly from the mother’s viewpoint. On account of the troubled marriage, Mrs. Morel cannot get the deserved warmth and comfort from his husband, so the mother takes comfort in her children. She dedicates herself to the upbringings of her children, especially her sons. Her eldest son William’s death pushes the story to the second part. Morel starts to transfer all her love to the second son Paul. Such heavy love influences the son so much that he is not able to create and enjoy love relationships when he grows up. The two relationships Paul experiences are both ended with failure. At the end, Paul kills his very ill mother.

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