The problems in term teaching to environment majs毕业论文

 2021-04-07 11:04

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1. Introduction 1

2. Demonstration 3

2.1 Three principles in English for Specific Purposes 3

2.1.1 Authenticity principle 3

2.1.2 Need analysis principle 4

2.1.3 Student-centered principle 5

2.2 ESP teaching home and abroad 5

2.2.1 The importance of terms in ESP teaching 7

2.2.2 A questionnaire research in ESP teaching in college 8

2.3 Practical solutions 10

3.Conclusion 11

Works cited 13



Problems in Term Teaching to Environment Majors

1. Introduction

With the development of modern technology and national communication, English has played an important role in politics, culture and economics. As a result, it is of great significance for students whose major subjects are not English to get access to the course of specialized English terminology. In order to satisfy what students need, the majority of universities started and developed the research on English for Specific Purposes. While we also have a research among the students whose major subject is environment in our university for the condition on English for Specific Purposes.

It was in the 1960s that English for Specific Purposes(ESP)started to be advocated. The theoretical basis of ESP is functionalism view of language. According to the teaching practice of ESP at home and abroad,ESP teaching principles can be summarized into three points: authenticity principle, needs analysis principle and student-centered principle. With the continuous deepening of ESP teaching practice and development, the problems in the ESP teaching has obtained more and more attention, and to be solved.(Qin 79)

In recent years, the domestic scholars in our country have started to pay attention to the research of ESP teaching. The majority of scholars are concerned more with the feasibility, effects and problems of ESP teaching in different universities and colleges. The most influential research among these researches is the properties, categories and principles of ESP teaching, which was written by QinXiubai(2003) and published in ‘Journal of South China University of Technology. The author believes that the reasons why ESP teaching in our country’s universities hasn’t developed mature yet are as follows: first, we haven’t found out the right position for ESP teaching of English education in universities; second, people cannot reach the agreement with the issues about the nature of ESP teaching and its principles; third, we don’t have enough research on teaching approaches in the field of ESP. And under this circumstance, Qin has told us some knowledge about the nature and principles of ESP teaching and put up his views. Meanwhile, some other universities have also done some investigations about ESP teaching. For instance, Wang Beilei published an article about the situation of ESP teaching in Tongji University in Foreign Language World No.1 2004. In this article, the author showed her investigation about the situation of ESP teaching in students whose major subjects are not English. According to the result of the investigation, she found out the problems in ESP teaching and did some analysis. As for her, the major problems in ESP teaching are listed here: the differences between the targets of ESP subjects and final situation of implement; the issues on the arranges of teaching; different effects of ESP teaching from problems of teaching faculty and different situations that students master English.(Wang 39-40)

From the 1960s to now, the research of ESP teaching abroad has established a complete system. Almost every stage of development of ESP teaching has some famous scholars and works, and they published some professional periodicals, such as English for Specific Purposes: An International Journal and English for Specific Purposes Newsletters. In British, City University of London set up The Center for Language Studies, which is just like the developments for English teaching in our universities. This center provides some ESP courses linked with Business, Arts Policy and Management, Engineering. The university has a rule that if students whose mother language isn’t English failed the English Proficiency Test, these students must take part in the lessons of ESP and communication skills courses at the first two terms, from which we can see that it is important for students whose mother language isn’t English to create links between the linguists and professions.(Wang 35)

This paper combines the domestic scholars for the ESP teaching theory research and reference to the condition of other schools in the teaching of ESP problems. We utilize three principles of ESP as the perspective, investigating the learning effect of students in Environment Specialty in our college,analyzing the problems of ESP teaching in our school, and putting forward proper solutions.

2. Demonstration

2.1 Three principles in English for Specific Purposes

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